Tuesday, April 2

Mac Starter Kit Haul! | The Italian Chick

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MAC starter kit haul!

 As a present for my 18th birthday, my dearest friends have decided to buy me a MAC vaucher and to book for me a Make-up lesson in the MAC shop in Rome, Babuino Road. They had and amazing idea, and gave me the best present ever; I loved the fact that they didn't only made me buy products, but also reserved for me an experience that turned out to be one of the best of my life! Getting my make-up done by somebody who does it professionally, even in important events like Milan's Fashion Week is an amazing feeling, and the result turned out to be stunning. I then had the opportunity to do some shopping, so i picked up some bits, that i'd like to share you guys!
Sidenote: i called it Mac 'starter kit' because it was the actual first time i got to shop properly in at MAC; anyways i do own other products of this brand, so if you want me to make a blog post about them too, then just let me know, because i've had them for a while now, and i really love them!
Alright, so let's get started!x

First thing i bought is one of their most famous lipsticks; Russian Red
I wanted a rich red lipstick, possibly mat, and thats the one i chose. Completely worth the price, (it depends on the country but usually it is less than 20 €), it stays on multiple hours, even after lunch and dinner, and even without a lip liner underneath.
+ it smells AMAZING. (not for you if you don't like sugary tastes tho!)

Second thing i got is a paint pot in 'Bare Study'. i know it is extra famous, and now that i got it i know why. It's a perfect base for any eyeshadow color, even if it fits better with neutrals (that are the colors that i use the most), it gives a subtile gold-shimmery tone to everything you apply on top of it, and it makes the make up last absolutely AGES, without creasing! For the pricing, i got it for around 20 €, but again, it depends on the country!

Talking about eye makeup, i then got to chose eyeshadows. Now. I already possess an eyeshadow quod with four neutral shades, so at the beginning i wanted to go a bit crazeeeh with shades and glitters and all that. But in the end i got to pick up two neutrals (lol me ), because they are very good quality products, and they're not so cheep.. so if i buy some of them i want to get a lot of use out of them! I went for a customized duo palette, and i bought the depotted eyeshadow singularly. I chose 'Omega' that is a very dusty warm mat grey, perfect to contour the crease without being too 'out there'. I then picked up 'Naked Lunch' that is a very shimmery nude pink, the perfect shade to go over the paint pot that i showed you before.

Moving onto the face, i got myself a nice blusher, because i knew that mac blushers are extremely pigmented and long lasting. I asked for a peachy shade, and the lovely shop assistent gave me 'Peaches'. well, easy?

Now. I actually paid this with my own money, and not with the vaucher i got as a present, and it's a concealer. the coverage is REAALLLY good, but there's a problem. it's too dark for my skin :( 
so i'll probably use it when i have some kind of a tan on!

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 And thaaat's it for my first blog post! i really hope you liked it and that it was usefull in some way! let me know anything in the comments, i'd really appreciate your feedback. I'll blog very soon!

Lots of Love, Meg xx