Thursday, October 10

Autumn 2013 Nail Trends!

Oh hello there Lads and Ladettes!
So, earlier i was about to paint my nails, when i drowned into my Nail Polish Collection. I am litteraly obsessed with nail polishes,and even if i tell myself to stop buying them, one of them always happens to slip into my beauty shopping. Today I wanted to share with you my favourite Autumn picks, and hopefully I'll be ready to decide what I want to wear after writing this post ( or, i'll end up be even more indecisive,very very convenient). So I'll start off with my classic pick: The neutrals. I've chosen a bold Terracotta colour that will match perfectly the palest and both the slightly tanned skin tones, and an extreamely pale butter\milk-ish colour (absolutely PERFECT for the darker skin tones), slightly more wearable and 'in your face' then the classic white nail poish.

Just realised that the bottles are a bit battered. Sorry about that, but that means that these two really are some of my favourite nail colours!
Moving on onto another little selection, these two polishes really do scream 'autumn'. Firstly I've chosen a very very famous Chanel nail polish, a very cold toned purple with a hint of grey in it and tiny little vibrant purple holo-glitters. My other pick is slightly more 'out there': although the base colour is pretty similar to the first, this bad boy is full of proper gold, bronze and purple glitters.

Nex, is something quite unusual for this season. I've chosen a vibrant purple colour, and one of my ALL SEASON FAVOURITE shade and formula and brand (excuse caps lock action there, but i had to express my excitement someway!), a pastely sky colour.

I struggled alot with this picture, because the flash made the lightest colour look basically white! Hope it works, anyway. So now, my final selection of items concearns a new discovery of mine, and a timeless classic. First we have the new kid in town: a very cool light military green, very very on trend at the moment. And, last but not least.. an amazing bright, bold RED! No blog post on nail polish makes sense without a red laquer in it, right?

And that is it for my Nail picks! Hope you liked,
and, if you'd like me to do a compleate nailpolish collection blog post let me know!
And as usual, I'll talk to ya very soon! Meg x