Thursday, October 3

CloseUp: MAC Teal pigment!

Hello Lads and Ladettes! So, you know when you meet someone and then suddently after a few days you know them they give you presents..
Nope, right? Well, actually it was the same for me, untill i met this very cool lady at Uni! She heard that i had a special place for MAC makeup in my little beauty nerd heart, and the following day she gave me this bad boy..

( My nailpolish in the picture is My Vampire is Buff by O.P.I.)

I've never owned a MAC pigment before, because to be honest they are farely expensive, and you get quite a scary amount of product that I thought I was never going to use. But now that I have one (courtesy of my friend!) I can tell what all the fuff is about. This pigment is extreamely soft and velvety and the color payoff is insane. It is definitely not a mat shade, although it hasn't proper glitter inside. Is more of a overall shimmery effect and i really like it! Can't wait to use it now that autumn\winter season has arrived (..and Christmas is closer, yes I just dropped the C bomb.)

What about you guys? Do you have any MAC pigments? What is your favourite? Let me know! I'll talk to ya'll very soon! Meg x