Tuesday, October 22

Drugstore Skincare Routine for Beginners!

Hello lads and ladettes!
How are we? i hope you've had a magnificent beginning of the week.
 In this particular moment of my life i have a thousand things to do, and no time at all. To make it even more enjoyable ( #jk ),3 times a week (including monday oh Lord) i have to wake up at 6 a.m. to catch my train to go to Uni. However,there's one thing that makes me less annoyed about waking up before the sun comes out, ant it is doing my skincare and make up routine. Expecially the first one actually. That is why i've decided to write today's post about it, I find there's no better way to start an early morning than to treat yourself with very nice products. The range of products that i'm gonna show you is very basic compared to what the majority of beuty gurus shows in this kinda of posts, but i'm quite young, and most of all, i'm always in a hurry, so i've decided to keep it simple and quick.
First of all, i like to start by washing my face with cold water. It may sound a bit old school, but it really is the only thing able to make you instantly feel wide awake. Then,for a deeper cleaning, i massage my cleanser onto my skin.

 At the moment i'm using the Clinians Hydra Basic Cleansing Gel with minerals and white Tea. I got it because it was cheap and it smelled and looked good ..and it does is very good for a drugstore cleanser. The thing i love about this product, apart from its smell, is that it really does refresh your face, and makes it feel soft and velvety. Although it is very delicate, it removes impurities and make up residues.

Then of course, it is time to give back hydration to the face. As a day moisturiser i use the Vichy AQUALIA THERMAL UV Fortifying and protecting 24h hydrating care. Although Vichy is not a proper drugstore brand, I find it very convenient and extreamely high quality. This fluid is lightweight, therefore you can apply it even a few minutes before starting to do your make up. It is not chreasy at all, the scent is subtle, lovely and luxurious. It even has Spf 25, that is a compleate bonus for a daily cream. The packaging is really efficient, it has a small pump that erogates the perfect amount of product, so that you don't waste even the smallest dot of this lovely fluid. It hasn't parabenes in it, it is ipoallergenic, so it is suitable for all skins, including very sensitive ones.

A very important step for me is lip balm, expecially when the weather cools down, like in this period. I have so meny of them , from babylips to expensive ones. This particular one is from Sephora, i got it in Paris, some time ago. It comes in a pot, so not very hygenic for carrying around in your bag, but as long as you use it at home with a lip brush instead of shaving your finger in it, it is fine.Theres a lot of product in the tin. The tin is silver, shiny and very trendy, It smells like vanilla. I likes it.

..Not a part of my morning skincare routine, but i thought i would include what i usually use to take my make up off at nigh or during the day if i need to re-apply it.

I remove make up with cotton buds and clesnsing milk. One that i'm really enjoying at the moment is the Garnier Sensitive Essential delicate cleansing milk. It has no scent, no alcool and no colours in in it, and its formula is light and rich. It works for every tipe of skin but specifically for sensitive skin, and it doesn't dry it out. It can be used to remove both eve and face make up, and waterproof make up. Another combo that i loooves is this La Roche-Posay one; it consists of cleansing milk and micellar water. I have used a few times this two samples that i've been given to try out, and when i run out of my Garnier one, i might just go out and buy both. They feel lovely and luxurious, without any scent and parabene-free.


So, that is it for today! Hope you liked it, as usual, let me know! I'll update this as soon as i change something! ?..i'm sure youve learned that I'll talk to ya'll very soon! Meg x