Wednesday, October 30

Favourite MAC Eyeshadows | The Neutrals.

Hello there Lads and Ladettes! 
I know what you are thinking, long time no see.. well, you're quite right. In my defense, I can say that I've been super buisy with some new projects which i can't wait to tell you about..wait and see.
Since last week's post was all about skincare and boring bits, for this week's edit I've decided to keep it classic and to play it safe: you know what I mean, It's a MAC themed post, again!
I always come back to these because you seem to like them the better, and i seem to like to make them as well, so however you wanna see it, it's a win win situation.
Today I'm gonna share with ya'll my favourite picks when it comes to Neutral Eyeshadows, since they're the colors that I like to wear the most during the Autumnal times.
Before I start rambling about the shades that i picked, let's just put it straight: i LOVE MAC eyeshadows. I believe they are the best product made by this brand, the colour range is amazing, the pigmentation is insane, and even if the pan looks really frickin small, they've lasted me ages. They're not on the cheap side of life, but again, if you'll ever find yourself thinking about buying some expensive bits of makeup, or some MAC products, definitely go for their eyeshadows, because honestly it's worth it.

Moving on to the eyeshadows, first shade I chose is Vapour. Its a very pinkish white color with a slight shimmer to it,it's in a Velvet finish. It looks very intense in the pan, but once applied it's barely noticeable. It lasts all day without a primer and it blends well. It works really nice as a browbone highlighter for me,or generally used as a wash of color on the lid for a very simple and glowy look.

Second eyeshadow i've got for you is also on the pink side of life. There's no much to say about this one, because everyone who's into make up knows that this warm, shimmery peach-beige (a frost finish) number is one of Mac's best seller products. It's Naked Lunch ladies. My personal favourite way to apply it is all over the lid paired with Mac's paint pot in Bare Study. I know, you've heard of this combo before.

Next Eyeshadow is Omega (Matte finish).  Toghether with Charcoal Brown, this neutralshade that has elements of brown, beige and grey in it, is one of everyone's favourite to fill in eyebrows. Personally i like to use it in the crease to create a very subtle and refined look, perfect for daytime, work and school. Looks brilliant paired with the former Naked Lunch.

This next one is probably the favourite of all my selection. I know, that's a big statement but i've worn Honey Lust so many times, and everytime feels like the first. This  glittery bronzed peach in MAC’s Lustre finish, it’s best described like this: glitter, glitter, glitter! it gives the same amount of sparkle than a loose pigment, but without the struggle that comes with it. I like to use it in very special occasions, when i'm feeling particularly Tinker-Bell-ish.

Another beloved member of my collection is -what a surprise!- another Matte eyeshadow, called Espresso.
As you guys can probably tell by the super cute name, it's a Matte light brown color (it looks darker in the pan!). Very very versatile: good for filling eyebrows, lining your lash line for a very natural look, blending into the crease or even applying all over the lid to create a nice, light smokey look.

And last but absolutely by no means least, no MAC eyeshadow collection should be compleated without a black eyeshadow. This one in particular, is called Carbon Black. I have to say the name is very much appropriated: It's a muted, Matte black shadow. I have to admit it hasn't got the best pigmentation BUT this has also some pros. First of all, it does not have massive fallouts, plus it's very easy to blend, and the colour is very buildable as well. It works great as a smokey color, but what i like to do is to apply it across my lashline instead of eyeliner with a small angled brush, and then blend it upwords a little. If you flick it at the end, It gives a super sexy cat-eye smokey look without being too hevy and difficult to create.

So, that was it for today! Hope you guys found this post usefull or at least interesting! I really enjoy making these, so let me know what you'd like to see me do next! Thanks so much for reading, following, i really appreciate it, and as usual I'll talk to ya'll very soon! Meg x