Wednesday, October 16

New Essence Bits Review!

Oh hello there Lads and Ladettes!
How are we? i hope everything's blody good for everyone reading.
Last saturday i was willing for some 'Autumn Time' to spend fuffing around in the shops. So i decided to call my good friend Arianna, and to spend the afternoon in a very famous shopping street in Rome. I've popped in lots of shops, altough i was feeling very fussy about basically everything, and not really in the mood to buy or try on clothes. So i ended up buying stuff only in Tiger, and of course in the Essence make up counter in OVS. If you are from Europe, and you're into drugstore make up, you must have heard about this brand: basically their products are very very unexpensive because the company does'nt own proper shops (they put counters in other stores), they don't sponsor them, and the packaging is really basic. I think that for someone who just got into make up, Essence is a really good place to start. They offer an enormous range of products, textures, formulas and colours, and they make some very very cute limited edition collection based on the new trends, on the season and on special occasions as well. I've tried almost EVERYTHING they sell over the past few years ( probably i'll be doing a tops and flops essence products blog post in the future), so I decided to be a little more brave and to pick up some stuff thai i did not personally know a lot about. And without even reading blog reviews before. I know, i know.. i live life on the edge.

This is probably the most exciting and brave thing i got. It is the Essence Stay Matt lip cream in the colour 04 Silky Red. So basically every make up company, from drugstore to expensive brands, has been producing this lip product, that is a very very nice compromise between a lipstick and a lipgloss. This one has the coverage and the pigmentation of a lipstick, but the formula and the applicator of a lipgloss. It does not need a lip pencil or anything. I would suggest prepping your lips with moisturiser before, tho. It stays on a good 4 hours without creasing or disappearing, and over all it is very good quality. It has a very sweet smell, i warn you scent haters out there.

Second, we have an eyelid primer. I don't usually use one, because i feel like my eyeshadow does not crease that much. So i decided to try on a very cheap one before buyng something expensive, and then realizing that I don't like primers at all.To be honest i don't see a huge difference. Something that i like is its nude colour without any shimmer that evens out very nicely your eyelid, and looks pretty and clean even if you decide not to put any eyeshadow on top.

I also decided to get a new mascara. You know how it goes, the haunt for the perfect mascara NEVER ends. I got their best seller mascara, the Multi Action mascara: it claims to give extra lenth, volume and curl. Here's what i think. I compared the result to what i get with my other mascara that i'm using at the moment, and it does give extra lenght (actually i saw a hudge difference!) and quite a LOT of curl. The problem i find with volume, therefore the formula of the product is quite dry. By the way, i like to apply another quick coat of another mascara with a much more oily formula,after this one, and i'm quite happy with the result. The applicator is in a shape of a cone, so it allows to reach every corner of your lashline. I likes that.

And finally, i got this Gel look topcoat. The ONLY thing i really needed from that shop. Essence nail polishes are all amazing and ridiculously cheap (about 1 pound 50 EACH, that is 1.99 €). Their colour range is almost infinite, as well as the variety of glittery and curative top coats and nail care tools. This top coat takes a bit to dry, but makes your nails look super shiny and almost look like they're done by professionals. It also makes your nailpolish last a very long time.


And that is it for today's post! Have you heard of this brand before? what do you think of it? Would you like a whole 'Essence massive review thing' sooner or later? Let me know! And as usuall i'll talk to ya'll very very soon! Meg x