Thursday, November 7

Haircare Routine #1 | The Italian Chick

Oh hello there Lads and Ladettes!
This week's post has been requested by one of my friends, that's why for the first time ever, i'm embracing Haircare. Let's say it straight from the very beginning: I'm not a massive Haircare girl, nor i feel actually prepared to write a post about this subject.. but you know what they say.. bros before nervous (yes i just made it up for you). So, without any further rumbling, these are the products I always treat myself with, with a little bonus for you: They're pretty much all from the drugstore.

After washing my hair with the usual combo Shampoo&Conditioner (that i have not featured in this post because I never repurchase the same! ) This is what I use:

Loreal Elvive Color-Vive Spray Conditioner: I bought this bad boy when I had my hear bleached, because they were looking horrible, and very very dry. So I used to use my regular conditioner under the shower, and then apply this leave in one on my wet hair just to give it extra moisture. This drugstore spray is especially made for colored or bleached hair. It makes styling easier,makes your hair color really pop, reflects the light, it is really lightweight and it has even an UV filter. Definitely a Winner.

Sunsilk Intensive Care for Damaged Hair: This leave in conditioner has the exact same texture as my regular one. This actually kinda scared me when i first saw it, because i thought that it would have made my hair look dirty and greasy. Surprisingly, once you've applyed it, it desolves into your wet hair, and makes them dry really gently leaving them soft and healthy. I started to use it after re-dyeing my hair, to give the a little pumper, and never stopped since then. It really works!

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil- Coloured Hair: This drugstore Hair Oil is uberfamous all over the interwebs, and there's a reason. It is very much cheap compared to any other product in this category,nevertheless it feels very luxurious. Even the smell of it reminds me of expensive products ( a little warning for you scent-haters out there! it SMELLS, a lot.) Basically what this bad boy does is,  it sublimes your hair colour, it protects it and makes it shine. Moreover, it comes with UV protector. I use it on the ends of my very long hair, to prevent split ends and dryiness. The glass bottle (yes, glass!) contains 100ml of oil, and even if i've been using it for months and months, it still contains the majority of the product. One annoying thing: it does not come with a lid. really?

Tony&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray: This has been my holy grail hair product during the whole summer, especially during my holiday to Greece. Whenever I'm in need for big,afro,wild curly hair, this is the only thing that makes it possible. It basically makes your hair look like you've bathed in the sea, and then let it dry in the hot, mediterranean sun.. Sorry, got a bit carried away. On the more professional side, this sea salt spray gives body and a lot of natural movement to your hair. I just spray this on my wet hair and scrunch it a bit with my hands, then let it dry naturally, and boom, the magic happens. It has quite a deep scent to it, but i absolutely love it.. maybe because now it smells like Holiday to me..? (nostalgia time)

Uniq One, All in One Hair Treatment: Whenever I'm feeling like straightening my hair with tools that involve a lot of heat, I protect them with this hair treatment that works amazingly as a heat protector. My Hairdresser gave it to me, he did good.

Schwartzkopf Volume Lift Hairspray: After aalll the former styling process, wether if i'm going for curly or straight hair, the only thing i need is: volume. And this extra strong, lightweight number is very much appropriated. It doesn't glue, doesn't stick, doesn't's perf.


And that is it for my (not very professional i'm sorry guys don't judge me) Haircare Routine!
As usuall hope you'll liked it, and i'll talk to ya'll veery soon! Meg x