Saturday, November 23

Lush Haul #1

Hello there!
I know you're all very very confused, and no, today's definitely not Tuesday.
But, recently I've been going to Lush quite a lot, and i just wanted to show you what i got, before it all ends up on my face or in the bathroom sink. Just a small disclaimer: for all you Balistic and Bath bombs lovers out there, you won't find any in this Haul. The reason is, I don't have a Bath! If you don't have one as well, just don't panic: there's a whole amount of Lush amazingness waiting for you in every shop (and in this Haul!).

(I could not resist. I had to take a few completely not-needed pictures of the full bag. It's just that i love the packaging. )

First thing i got is something my lips were asking for a long time. No innuendos needed, It's a lip scrub!
At this point I'm really frustrated that the internet does not supply a smelling button. This smells exactly like cola candies. You know, the ones in the shape of a bottle? same smell.
The thing is, there's absolutely no cola in it! It's a mixture of sugar, fruit and Oils that leave your lips compleately hydrated and soft. The best thing is that after you take the smallest amount of product with your fingers, and rub it on your lips, you can actually eat the excess. I kinda just wanna eat it all, without even using it. But enough rumbling, it's amazing, really does work, and makes your lips ready for every festive red lipstick.
 Nb: since the names you'll see in the pics are all Italian, i'll link every product in the UK website!

Next, is this Shower exfoliator. Sugar Scrub to be precise.
I haven't tryed this yet, so instead of giving you my opinion I'll just tell you what the shop assistant told me; It's an intense Scrub, made out of sugar (hence the name), ginger and fresh fennel to liven up tired skin and sort out any lumpy bumpy bits. What you do with this is you use on hips, bums and areas where you want to wake up your circulation to exfoliate the surface and stimulate the tissues below. I'm very excited to use it, and I'll let you know asap. 

This one I actually got for my Mum. She wanted to try Lush, and in particular, she told me to buy her a nice body cream. I decided to go for this one, because of its light, delicate scent. It  is based on fairtrade organic cocoa butter and almond oil, and is combined with essential oils specially selected for their ability to restore and improve the skin – like tagetes, ylang ylang and geranium.
But its amazing smell and consistency is not the best thing about this cream. As you can probably spot on the lid, every single euro (beside taxes) is given to a local charity. 
It comes in two different sizes, but since it was our first try, we decided to go for the smaller one.
Bad move, we'll definitely come back for more.

I was lucky enough to receive a couple of free samples. The first one is a small amount of Lush's best seller body and face powder. It makes your body smooth and silky and smells of jasmine and cocoa butter. I tell you, this is pure Lush.

And last but not least, no Lush Haul would be compleated without a soap. 
This little one i got is called 'Nove Agrumi e 1\2' and i really don't know where to find it on the UK website.
Sorry guys. I'll try to describe it to you: It has such an amazing fresh and energetic scent. It's made out of fresh squeezed Lemons, Limes, oranges and citruses.. all kind of em.
It smells like orange squash, and i really really love it.
Even if i'm not able to link the exact one, i give you the full selection here: .

I simply love Lush. I love theire green policy, the fact that they're all crazy people, and that everything in the shop is made out of happy fruit, to make everyone happier. I also totally support the 'Fighting Animal Testing' campaigne they're sponsoring. In all honesty, if you ever find a Lush shop along your way, just stop, go in and have a sniff: I guarantee it'll change your mood, and maybe your day.
So, that's it for today's post! Hope you liked, and as always I really appreciate your feedback!
I'll talk to ya'll very soon! Meg x