Thursday, November 14

The Hand Luggage Beauty Selection | Travel Advice #1

Hello there lads and ladettes!
In a few days i'm allowing myself a little break from university, stress, and tiredness by going on a long week end city break! I'm flying to Berlin, Germany, and I'm beyond excited. That's why I decided that today's post had to be holiday related. I Haven't finished packing up yet, because i'm all about the 'last minute rush' technique,but today I've gone shopping to repurchase some of my favourite bits from the drugstore, mini-sized. As you surely know, if you're flying  with some sort of hand luggage, you must not carry with you liquids or fluids cointaining more than 100 ml of product. Instead of putting products in those plain plastic bottles and jars (made exactly for the purpose) that i always end up loosing somewhere and never reusing, I prefer to buy travel size little numbers, so that when they're empty, i can loose them along the way without feeling too guilty. Here's what I got this time.

Without going through every single bit, I'm gonna skip the boring ones. Basically I just got Showergel (2 bottles cause they're soo tiny), Pantene Shampoo and Loreal Elvive Colour Vive conditioner. I actually use the full size of this products, you guys know that i luuurve it. And of course, you gotta brush your teeth!
 Since Germany is a pretty cold place to go in the middle of November, it is very important to be covered; a rich face moisturiser is as important as a padded jacket! For this reason i got Nivea Soft, that has a very rich formula but it's not greasy at all, and one of my ALL times favourite moisturiser (and brand), The Avene Antiredness daily face moisturiser with SPF. Even if it's winter, it is actually very important to put some sort of uv protector on, to avoid any damage.
 Under my National Geographic Berlin guide, you can spot Amuchina Hand Sanitizer: of coure we're going to be taking public transports, and to be away from our hotel room for a long time, so whenever it's time to use our hands for a quick snack, they need to be cleany clean.
  Next to it, I know you've spotted my favourite Maybelline Baby Lips in Fresh Mint. It makes my lips super soft, has spf in it, smells of peppermint and the colors of the packaging are super adorable. What else do you need in a lip balm?
Those weird white papers in front of my Polaroid camera are some KIKO powdered wipes: they're amazing for  a mattifying touch up on the go.
 One thing that i find really usefull when it comes to hand luggage beauty packaging is using samples. As you can spot from my picture i've got a few; there's every sort of product in those little bags, from hair conditioner to face masks. Moreover, I find that carrying with you a very expensive glass bottle of your favourite fragrance is not the sharpest of moves.. just ask for a sample of your favourite scent to your trusty shop assistant, or if you fancy, trying samples is also a very smart way to find some other scent that you might like! They do not take up any space, and once you've used them you can simply throw them away.. and most of all, they're FREE!
Youìll learn very soon of my love and devotion to samples, but if you don't know where to find them, there's only one key: ask for them, they won't say no. (;  
Talking about makeup, I have no Idea of what to carry with me.. i always end up packing too much stuff, and then using almost none of it. That is why I haven't featured make up in this post. If you wish, i might do one after i come back, talking about the few things that i really did use and enjoy!


That's it for now! As usual hope you like, and I'll talk to ya'll veeery soon!
Aufwiedersehn! Meg x