Thursday, November 21

Winter Style Staples #1 - The Accessories

Hello there!
For today's post i've decided to jump in that deep dark rabbit-hole thats Fashion Blogging. Ouch.
I'm already regretting it, because although my love for fashion has always been immense and unconditional, i know this is quite a touchy subject. The thing is, that Fashion is based on personal taste (which i do not miss), but also on the opinion of those who count. Trend setters, bloggers,celebs that every now and then decide whats in and what's absolutely drastically out. 
Now. I tend to follow the trends that i love, that i find appropriate to my personality and to my body shape.
This doesn't necessarily mean that what i like is what you like. (Thank God, otherwise the world would be populated of Meg look alikes, and trust me, it'd not be good.). 
After this (maybe not necessary) rumble, let's introduce today's subject.
Since i'm moving my very first baby steps into this mad internet environnement, i've decided to play it quite safe. So i'm not gonna show a whole outfit, nor talk about actual chlotes. Today's all about accessories!
I know everyone loves a good necklace to jazz up a simple outfit, or a beanie to keep it trendy and cosy.
So, regardless of what is your style, these few accessories will give that something special to your every day fashion choices.

(from left to right: bubble hat  Zara - infinity scarf  Primark  - Black snood H&M devided -- M beanie Primark )

( Jumper Camaieu - Gold Leaves Necklace - I am )

( Tartan crop t-shirt Primark - Gold chain necklace Primark )

As I said before, i absolutely love the look of beanies on simple oufits. I may be influenced by this whole Cara Delevigne'd type of fashion taste but, I really do think that a nice hat, weather it's a bubble hat or a querky sporty one, gives instant cool to every daytime look. And, nobody likes frozen ears, right?
Another absolute staple for the colder months has to be a scarf. Now, i love big, chunky scarves, but i always find annoying the fact that they just don't collaborate.. You know when you're in a rush, crossing the road, with a million bags in your hands, and your marathon is made even more difficult by your scarf dancing with the wind, ending up on the floor? Trust me, there's a remedy for all this pain. It's snoods, infinity scarves however you wanna call them, just get one, and you'll see the magic: the look of a scarf, without the struggle.

Now, talking about statement necklaces. I know that some of you won't feel the same way as i do, but i adore them. I know some are quite over the top, or might look tacky, but i simply can't get over the way they make every plain top look like it's just been seen on fashion Week.

And, finally. To me, shoes are the reason to be.
I kid you not, I own so many of them,and i just can't stop buying some new. It may seam cliché, but i'm properly addicted. This year's winter selection is Black Boot Based. I always tend to rely on neutrals and darker shades for the colder months, but this year i've especially gone all black (with a hint of white, tartan and maroon), inspired by this whole grungy, rockchick vibe. My selection includes three pairs of boots: Chunky and casual Docs (my new addiction, totally worth the pain. No pain, no gain..right?), Girly Wellington boots for those rainy days, and finally some cool, laid back heeled chelsea boots, just to keep it comfy and stylish. You choose.

( Boots Doctor Martens )

( Wellington Chelsea Boots Primadonna )

(Heeled chelsea boots - Pimkie)


And that's it for today's blogpost. Ah, I feel relieved now. I'ts been fun, so let me know if i shell go on, into the rubbit hole once again. As always comment, share, follow me on bloglovin and thanks very very much for reading or adding me on Google+ to all of you. It means the world!
I'll talk to ya'll next week! (or maybe sooner... hint.)
Bye! Meg x