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Bioderma Solution Micellaire Review | Worth the Hype?

Non è colpa mia, è che sono fatta così: quando un prodotto/libro/film/trend è sulla bocca di tutti, è proprio il momento in cui non finisce tra le mie mani. Aspetto che si calmino le acque, che la polvere si posi sul fondo e allora si che lo provo, per vedere se sotto sotto oltre il fumo c'è pure un po' di arrosto. 
Questo è accaduto anche per questo prodotto, ormai da anni onnipresente e onnilodato in ogni blog che si rispetti. Si tratta della Solution Micellaire di Bioderma, ormai diventata prodotto icona della casa dermatologia francese, a tal punto che per parlare in giro di questa acquetta delle meraviglie, basta dire 'Bioderma' ( un perfetto esempio di Metonimia dei giorni nostri).
Si tratta di un emulsione di Acqua e Micelle, ovvero micro particelle in grado di 'rotolare' sulla pelle e rimuovere in un solo gesto Make Up e residui di inquinamento atmosferico, lasciando la pelle pulita a fondo, struccata e lenita. E' particolarmente indicata per le pelli sensibili, e ancora non è stato possibile trovare una sola donna su questa terra che ammetta (anche sotto tortura) che questo prodotto le abbia irritato gli occhi o la pelle. Il prodotto inoltre è completamente privo di coloranti e profumazioni. Insomma,è acqua.
Sfido chiunque a trovare la differenza tra un dischetto di cotone imbevuto in acqua del rubinetto, ed uno imbevuto di Bioderma. L'unica differenza è che il secondo sarà davvero in grado di detergere il vostro viso, senza ungere ne appesantire. L'unica pecca potrebbe essere quella di non riuscire perfettamente a sciogliere eyeliner e mascara. Quindi, indossatrici compulsive di Smokey Eyes, siete avvertite.
E' davvero un ottimo prodotto, forse non da osannare, ma certamente da provare.
Se non siete sicurissime fate come me: prendete la confezione da Viaggio! Costa meno, ma basta a farsi un idea. Ed ora, ai voti!
Packaging: 5/5
Prezzo 3/5
Efficacia 5/5
INCI 3/5
Overall: 4/5 Promosso!


It is not my fault: when a product / book / movie / trend is on everyone's lips , it is precisely the time when it doesn't end up in my hands . I wait for the storm to end , for the dust to rest on the bottom and then, i finally try it to see if underneath the smoke there's also a bit of roast.
This has also happened for this product, that for years now has been featured and loved in every blooming respecting blog. This is Bioderma Solution Micellaire. It has become the iconic product of this French dermatology home , to such an extent that to talk about the wonders of this Water, beauty addicted just say ' Bioderma ' ( a perfect example of Metonymy I'd say ) .
It is an emulsion of water and Micelles or micro particles able to ' roll ' on the skin and remove in a single gesture Make Up and residues of atmospheric pollution , leaving the skin clean thoroughly, cleansed and soothed . And it's also particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Also it's not yet been possible to find a single woman on this earth who admitted (even under torture ) that this product has irritated their eyes or skin. The product is also completely free of colorings and fragrances. In short , it's water.
I defy anyone to find the difference between a cotton pad soaked in tap water, and one soaked in Bioderma. The only difference is that the latter will really be able to cleanse your face, without greasing it or feeling heavy. The only flaw would be to fail to fully dissolve eyeliner and mascara. Thus ,compulsive lovers of Smokey Eyes , you are warned .
It 's really a great product, maybe not to praise , but certainly worth a try .
If you are not very sure,do what I did : Take the Travel Size! It costs less , but it's just fine to get an idea . And now , the votes !
Packaging : 5/5
Price 3/5
Effectiveness 5/5
INCI 3/5
Overall : 4/5 Promoted !

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From Head to Toe:
Blazer: Mango
Distressed Leggings: H&M
Boots: Dr Martens
Shoulder Bag: H&M
Triangle Earrings: Pimkie
Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss
Nail Polish: NYC Midtown Mink

I guess i really like this whole OTTD process. I've always been a fan of homemade photoshoots and this activity also provides a valid excuse to shop more clothes. It also seems that you like this kind of post the better, since last ottd was my most popular post ever, in just a couple of days -a massive thank you!
To keep it a bit more beauty related, this time i've decided to feature one of my all time favourite lipstick. I thought the hot pink added that 'something' to this very smart and monochrome look. This is Kate Moss for Rimmel in number 20, and it does is the best hot pink lipstick you can possibly ask for.
It leaves your lips moisturised, but also provides a super matte and intense layer of color after only one coat. I don't personally feel like i need to line my lips with a lipliner before, as it doesn't particularly smudge at all. It's also very easy to find in any local drugstore, and the price is so very affordable. Brilliant.


So as usual, i really hope you liked this post, at least as much as i loved doing it.
If you guys want, just let me know what would you like to see on this blog in 2014, as i'd love to do more OTTDs but also to keep it quite beauty-ish and keep reviewing and writing usefull tips for you.
Thank so much for the feedback under last week's post, it really made me happy happy.
Have a nice day, and i'll talk to ya soon! Meg x

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Bedtime Skincare Routine | The Italian Chick

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!
Today's post is made for all of those who spent the last couple of weeks eating, partying and going to sleep at 4 a.m. without even removing -full on glitter smokey eyes- makeup before bed. Yes, you're right. This is especially made for you reading. After all these festivities, i bet you're feeling tired, unhealthy and also a bit guilty. There's no need to be. partying is nice and so much fun.
 The most important thing is to learn how to handle the hangover.
So today i'm gonna tell you how i take care of my poor, tired skin after all the previous jazz, with special reference to that time of the day where we all slow down, relax after a stressful day and take a moment to treat ourself: Bedtime.

From Left to right:
  • First Step, is removing makeup. Having a clean skin is essential to avoid bad brakeouts and impurities. To provide clean skin, i picked up three products. Don't worry, they're all pretty easy to find, and drugstore-proof. First is the Dermolab cleansing moisturising oil. As you can see, this is a very well loved (and used) product of mine. This purple number is very easy to use, and provides a deep, yet delicate performance: you need to dot a few dots on your fingertips, and massage it on dry skin,  where you have make up. Then, with wet hands, start creating a very delicate foam, and rinse with warm water. This is great if your skin is dry to very dry. Next, is the classic eye-makeup remover: It's the Garnier Sensitive Essential Delicate Cleansing Milk. This milk is perfect for sensitive skin, as it's alchool, colour and scent free. Just Apply it on a cotton pad, and gently remove any make up residues. Lastly, another cleanser. I am a firm believer in Double Cleansing. First step, is to remove make up. Then we need another to remove pollution and impurities. This is also the moment where you can add a daily exfoliator, for extra cleansing. Instead, i picked a more gentle mousse-soap: the Garnier Fresh Essential: this is very delicate yet provides a deep clean, and leaves your skin feeling clean and extreamely fresh. I use this both when i wake up and when i go to sleep.
  • Next, -what a surprise!- we have a face mask. I've already expressed my deep love for face masks, especially H&M ones (like the one in the picture, in particular this is the Cocont Water Moisture Mask) on this blog. You can find more info Here: 

  • After removing the mask, it is time to moisturise the skin. My current favourite night moisturiser is from Lush. It's called Charity Pot,and its made with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, moisturizing almond oil and  ylang ylang. It's just so rich and makes your skin look nourished and extreamely soft.
  • Let's take care of our lips now. During the colder months, it is very good to exfoliate them with a gentle Lip Scrub, in order to remove any dry patches, and leave them soft and hydrated. The one i'm currently loving is from Lush's festive collection, so limited edition. It's called Santa's Lip Scrub. They also have permanent ones. Honestly, they're the best, but if you wanna save yourself a little money, just made your own with honey and caster sugar. After that, you're gonna wanna apply a very nice moisturising lip balm. Just pick your favourite, mine is from Sephora.
  • And finally. Let's not forget to treat our hands. After being mistreated all day out in the cold, it's only fair that we take a moment to apply a nice Hand Cream. Again, there's plenty of choice, form high end to drugstore to organic ones. Mine is from the pharmacy, and it's the Vichy Essentielles hand Cream. I love this so much, i guess i'm already on my third tube, and it's quickly running out. It's very very delicate, yet it works. And smells like roses. wow.
And that's it for today! I really hope you guys found it useful! As always thank you so much for all your support, and let me know if you've done this routine yourself. Again, have an happy and safe 2014!
Lots of love, Meg x