Thursday, March 27


Disclaimer: No statement necklaces were involved in the making of this post.
I know some of you will be very disapponted by the lack of ba-blings in this jewelry selection, but today's post is all about subtle, essential picks.

First of all, i have to admit I have an hudge penchant for jewels: As a proud owner of a basic -almost enterely black and white wardrobe, i definitely meed some blings to make my outfits look put toghether and updated. So, since i basically use rings and chains to show people that altough black jeans and white shirts i actually try to follow trends, i like to update my collection quite frequently with different style pieces. For this reason, nothing's too precious nor pricy.
The Subtle Gold Chain: This number is a more delicate way to rock the 'big gangsta chain' trend, that has been going on for quite a while now. I absolutely love its shape, it reminds me of some kind of prehistrical creature's backbone. I just find it so dainty and shiny, especially over basic low necks.
The V Necklace: This is a new addition to my collection. I was wandering in H&M the other day and i couldn't resist to this dainty, minimal, very short gold number. I think it'd be perfect for layering different lenghts of chains, or just by itself, paired with an extreamely modern all black outfit and bright coral lips.
The Pointy Earrings: I'm a sucker for anything geometrical, essential and graphic. These numbers are just simple triangle earrings, with a hint of black at the top. I'm not really a massive fan of big chandeliers on nights out, but i also think that stud earrings are a bit too informal for an evening outfit. These seemed like a good compromise to me.
The Pile Up Rings: And finally, my favourite thing to do: piling up  different sizes of rings on my hands.I know the above cnuckle ring thing is hudge right now, but i'm going to go with the flow and say that i love it. The rules to this game are really easy: Make sure you don't over do it so that you can actually still use your hands. And, make sure your mani is flawless.

Earrings: Pimkie.
All the other pieces of jewelry: H&M