Monday, March 24


First of all I do apologize for the setting of this picture. I know that my balcony does not exactly scream evening, nor skincare. I wish i had put in in at least a Diptique candle or a bunch of tulips.. shady.
By the way, since last time i did a post on my Skincare routine, things have changed a bit.

 That's why i'm giving you an  updated version featuring some very well loved -and nearly empty- products. I didn't put the  drugstore label on this post, however a lot of the things i've featured are pretty cheap, which i think it's always sweet. Despite the very low price tag, i find that all of this little numbers work perfectly and my skin bloody luurves 'em. A quick diclaimer. I'm lacking of a good Eye cream. Any advice?
First thing i love to do in the evening is Take the day off my face -Clinique reference anyone? To do so I need a rather large amount of cotton pads (usually i'd pick the larger ones, but my mum bought this tiny ones for me this time) and a biphasic waterproof make up remover. The one I'm using -and loving at the moment is the L'Oreal Paris Delicate Make up remover for eyes and lips. Litterally, a drop of this, and even the blackest smokey eye dissolves in seconds. I tell you it's bloody god, AND doesn't leave oily residues. Then, to remove the rest of my face makeup, along with pollution dust and all that jazz i pop a few drops of Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire on another (often more that one) cotton pad. You can read my Ode to Bioderma previously featured on TIC by clicking here.  Once Make Up is all removed, it's time to cleanse. After being addicted to gel cleanser for countless days i decided to try something new. So while wondering trough my local drugstore, i picked up the NIVEA Delicate Cleansing Cream for Dry and Sensitive Skin. This product is honestly so good. What you do is you damp your face, then take the smallest dollup of this pink (and absolutely not scented, yay) very light cream, and you massage it with circular motions for a few seconds. You then rinse everything with war water: you can use your hands, but i prefer a muslin cloth, because it exfoliates a bit more and it's pink and cute. After all this, your skin feels so clean, but also very soft and moisturized. What i then do is just apply a nice rich face cream. I Didn't include a mask or a scrub because i tend to do them occasionally, not every day. They'll be featured in my pamper nigh post that i will write at some point. At the moment i'm using a Marigold pharmacy cream that my Aunty game me as a present. Is very rich and nourishing and also smells very calming. Last but not least i give my lips a little scrub, here i'm using the Lush Santa's Lip scrub i absolutely love, and then apply a lip balm of choiche. Et voil√†.