Tuesday, April 29


And i'm back.
For the last four days I have been teleported into a vortex of amazing feelings and I just can't decide if it feels like it all flew away quickly, or like I've always been at Itatube, sourrounded by those amazing people.
By the way,I'm sorry if this post is another Lifestyle one and maybe you're more into beauty,but don't worry, I bought something really exciting today, and I can't wait to report back to you how MAC I love it .. *hint*
Jokes aside, Itatube has been incredible.
Definitely not how I imagined it to be. Maybe even better. Yes, different, but better.
I'll explain what i mean. In my last itatube post -that you can read here- i talked about my expectations for the whole thing, highlighting who i'd have enjoied meeting the most. Turns out, that they happened to be other people's faves too. And for other people, i mean all of the people there. Long story short, the queues for Zoe, Louise, Tanya and for the Youtube Boyband were the longest, and lasted all day. After an initial breakdown, i decided that i'd much rather enjoy the rest of the event, than wait in line for six hours.
And that was the moment where it all started to go back in place.

SATURDAY: After a lovely and chilled Meet up with the awesome Oli White TV, we decided to try and queue for Zoe and the girls. Turned out there were too many people, everyone started to push and the air was lacking. It was so intense that i had to leave the queue just 10 minutes before it was my turn to meet them. I know, it sounds as upsetting as it was. I went outside to calm down and have a bit of fresh air, when the lovely Hannah Heart came out of nowhere. I swear to God, she is even more hilarious in person. She was lovely and definitely took care of me, before getting inside and being sourrounded by all the mess. 
We then stopped to watch Sam Pepper, Mazzi Maz and Harrison Webb (who is my new crush) on the main stage doing a little q&a. It's safe to say they were insanely good, I had so much fun. We then waited in line for a good hour to finally meet Louis Cole, Ben Brown, Nick Miller and Steeve Booker. The meet and greet was the best i've ever been to. They have spent lots of time chatting with all of us, and really looked like they cared about our stories. Next was THE meet up. Yes, I met Tyler Oakley, Hannah Heart (again) and Troye Sivan. Those guys are so confortable around viewers, and genuinly so nice. They hugged me really tight -especially Troye my little nugget he squeezed me ilysm- and tryed to chat and be nice and friendly as much as they could. Oh, did i mention that Hannah recognised me from earlier, Troye complimented me on my shirt and Tyler called me 'My Queen!'? It was the best.

SUNDAY: We thought the event started at 11 o'clock as the day before, so we realized we were an hour late just when we looked at the schedule to see what was up. As soon as we got into the venue, we waited in front of the main stage to make sure we were front row for Sprinkle of Glitter, Lily Pebbles, Viviannadoesmakeup, Musical Bethan and Emma Blackery's panel. It was the best, i'd say even better and more chilled than a proper meet up. I also had the opportunity to ask them a question about beauty blogging and their answers were lovely. Also, i'd like to point out that Louise stopped the Q&A to tell me -and everybody else, that the dress i was wearing was lovely. What's even air. 
If you're curious, it was this dress.
We then queued for Lily and Anna's meet up. I don't have enough words guys.. it was awesome. They are just stunning, lovely, polite, caring, friendly and over all really nice people to be around. We chatted there, and also later on during the day, and I have to say, it felt like meeting some good old friends. Next stop, was the panel with Louis, Ben, Nick and Steeve. I was so happy to see them again, and to hear them talk about their life, and personal stories. They've given us the most amazing and honest pieces of advice, and I will treasure what i learned for ever. After the panel I asked Louis if we could record the intro for his new vlog, and he said yes! You can watch the intro Here and see me in this other vlog at minute 4,10.
After the panel i had the opportunity to chat with all of them again, and i even told a bit more about my story to Ben, who listened carefully, and shared with me lots of big brother-ish advice, and lots of hugs. The cherry on the pie was meeting Mazzi Maz and Harrison Webb outside the venue and sharing hugs and selfies, and then watching the IDGAF tour from the backstage. It was the perfect ending for a rather perfect week end.

And that was it, more or less. Hope you've enjoyed knowing more about my experience. Please make sure to click ll the links featured in this blog post, and to check out Louis and Ben's vlogs about the event to find out more. I'll talk to you very soon!