Friday, April 11


When it comes to everyday make up, my main goal is to keep things quick and natural.
During the day, especially in sunny weather , our make up can be detected quite easily, -if not very carefully and seamlessy applied. 
It's important to realize however, that in the morning we don't usually have that much time to do a Lisa Eldrige application.
But how to combine precision with speed? 
These are my top three tips for a perfect daytime look.
Leave your Vanity table aloneIf you -like me,are a makeup addict, doing your make up next to your make up collection when you're in a rush is a very bad idea. There's always a product you haven't used for a while that screams to be applied, or another shade of brown that would look gorgeous paired with the blush you decided to wear.. it's a never ending loop, and in a blink of an eye, oops you're late. So my tip is, pick your products in advance, and keep it minimal.
Blend, blend and blend. Once you picked your very few products, it's time to do our base. Now, this is very personal, but for me, foundation&concealer are the combo that really makes the difference between a seamless,subtle make up, and a beauty disaster. So leave primers, powders and camouflage alone, but spend that extra minute on blending your base, and really buffing it into the skin for a natural and even finish. For this step you can choose between a brush or your fingers, but, to obtain a very airbrushed finish i always go back with a damp sponge.
Pick a favourite. Now it's time to give our make up that little smth-something. It's completely up to you to choose what feature of your visage you really want to inhance. It can be eyes: for those just apply a ton of mascara and maybe just a bit of eyeliner. Or it can be cheeks: go cray-cray with bronzer or maybe a glowy cream blusher. Or, one of my faves, a very nice gloss\lipstick\coloured lip balm. But remember, the trick is, pick just one of the above. We can save a the rest for a cheeky night out!