Monday, May 19


So this Sunday me & the fam decided to jump on a lil' adventure.
After almost 2 hours of motorway fun, we arrived in Bracciano, a rather lovely town by the lake where this even more lovely country festival was hosted. We laughed lots, ate lots, enjoyed the fresh air..

The main reason why we found out about this little festival, is a family friend called Alessandra. She is a very talented cake designer & founder of a lovely group called The Cake Heartists. Last year they released their first book. Not only it is lovely, and shows tips & tricks on wonderful cake designs, it is also entirely for charity. I think it's pretty amazing that one's hobby can have an impact on other children's life. You can check out their book & cakes & pretty faces here:

..And then 'course, lots of food tasting&buying was involved. Man i love festivals.

Last but not least,I found an amazing Shabby Chic little shop, selling all things white & pretty.
I had one of those moments, and i may or may not have bought a little something something for my new room ;)
We had an amazing afternoon. I'd like to thank Alessandra & The cake heArtists for letting us know that this place existed, and AgriCountry Festival for creating this lovely event. See you next year guys!