Friday, May 30


A tad late to the party I know, but in my defense i can assure you that these beauts were no way to be found\purchased in Italy, untill the glorious day when Nic & Sam decided to ship worldwide.. 

Now, i am a hudge ( yes, i'm using italic because it's that intense ) beauty nerd, and I basically live on Youtube. Combine the two things and you'll definitely realize how much i love Sam and Nick Chapman, aka the Pixiwoos. I've always been a massive fan of their channel, magazine AND brushes. But, since I don't live in the land of crumpets, nor in the Big Apple, getting hold of them was a tad difficult. Untill the day when started shipping worldwide & for a very very convenient price. I have to say i jumped on board as soon as i possibly could. My main aim was to put my hands on the ever so famous Buffing Brush. So i purchased the ever so glorious Core Collection & added a lil' treat, the Silicone Liner Brush. Do I have to mention, that it was one of the best decisions of my life?! yes, they are that great.

THE CORE COLLECTION: This little set is basically a flawless base in a box. It contains every brush you need to create a perfect canvas: you've got your buffing brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush and contour brush. The best thing about these brushes is the fact that they are synthetic, so suitable for both powder & creamy products. Each and every one has the perfect shape for multiple uses: the contour brush i find amazing for precise blush application or for powdering under the eyes. The Pointed foundation is actually perfect for under eye concealer or contouring with concealers. I also have to add that now i get all the fuss about The Buffing brush: it really is the star of the show giving you the perfect coverage and the pixel perfect application. Uh, have I told you that these beauties are vegan & cruelty free? And that they look amazing on your dressing table? For less than £ 15.00 they potentially are the best beauty purchase i've ever made..

THE SILICONE LINER BRUSH: This is an amazing tool for gel eyeliner application. I have to say, It basically works as well as the Real Techniques fine liner brush.. but, and there's a very big but, this version has two game changing pro's. The first one is that you line will always be precise, and that the liner will go only where you want it to go: no more bristles hanging around and messing with your eyeshadow. Second: if you're a beauty addict you will KNOW that when brush cleaning, gel eyeliner can be a big pain in the ass.With this you won't get any of that. A bit of cold water, a tissue and boom, clean. Magic, uh?