Thursday, May 15


Yesterday i went to The Body Shop for the first time.
It has been magical. Even though i jumped inside to grab a lil' skincare for my well spoiled little face, I couldn't resist treating myself to this stunning box of wonders..

Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself why on earth a beauty geek like me never ever dived into this shop of wonders. Well because i didn't actually know we had one in Rome. My glamorous friend Gaia, was kind enough to let me know she had found one in Ottaviano, so we decided to go on this lil adventure ASAP.
Once in the shop i was compleately overwhelmed by all of the skincare. Even though i had passed the previous night ramaging trough The Body Shop's website to find out costumers loves & leaves , I completely lost it. I ended up roaming around, and not knowing what to do. In the end, after changing my mind at least  654 times & screaming with excitement every 3 seconds, i sorted my mind out and picked the few bits of skincare that i needed (another skincare haul coming soon!). But then, it happened. I Saw.
I was about to pay when i spotted this gorgeous box full of body butters.
Now, i have a full list of reasons for why i couldn't not buy this beauty.
First, Body Butters are The Body Shop's signature product.
Second in my list, a full size body butter is € 15,00, while for the whole lot of 4 mini ones i paid € 20,00.
I'd also like to add that I like to have options, and that i'm trying them for the first time so i might as well pick four so that i can decide which one is my fave. Plus the actual tin is gorgeous and i can't wait to display it in my room. Over all I think this box is an absolute bargain, very beautiful and a lovely gift idea for a special someone..or even for yourself. ;)

The box contains:
Chocomania Deluxe body butter:
Coconut body butter:
Shea Body butter:
Moringa body butter:

All the body butters are 50ml, whereas the full sizes are 200ml.