Monday, May 26


So if you've been reading my blog, you definitely know that my skin has gone into a bit of a drastic change recently: from extra dry to decently dry but hella spotty. *ouch* instead of crying my heart out, I decided to Jump into The Body Shop for a lil' emergency kit and here's what i've come up with.. and it works..

I have to say, I almost drowned into the multitude of ranges that The Body Shop is able to deliver. Firstly i reached towards the Seaweed range, but the lovely shop assistant persuaded me to give the Tea Tree one a try, as seaweed is more for overall oily skin types. I thought the Tea Tree would be a tad too extreme for my sensitive skin, but I was very very wrong. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties, healing, antifungal and anti-odor properties, which make it one of the most miraculous substances that nature is able to offer. Between all the products in the range, The lady suggested trying the Cool & Creamy Wash: this cleaser is suitable for dry but blemished skin (yay, me!). It gets skin spotlessy clean without over-drying. Another plus is that the Tea Tree oil in it is organic & Community fair traide.  I have been using this for more thatn two weeks now, and i have to say It really made the difference. My skin feels squeaky clean, and almost all of the pimples have gone away from my forhead and chin. The smallest bit goes the longest way with this product, so I think it's definitely a bargain for  £ 7.50. The only warning: it smells, a lot.
A lil' bonus that i've added to really get into the pores and cleanse my T-zone is the Facial Buffer Sponge.
Now, in The Body Shop, even the sponge choiche is made hard by an incredibly vaste range of sponges. I went for this one, that was claimed to be the medium-intensity one. Yes, impressed, really does the job, a tad intense for my baby face, but hey, no pain no gain right?