Wednesday, May 21


We might have different views on life and  love and different tastes, but when it comes to this, i'm sure we pretty much all agree: Whenever you need to buy clothes, and i mean, you really need to find something, there's absolutely no way to accomplish your mission and fulfill your needs. But whenever you find yourself casually ramaging trough a shop, that's when shopping climbes to the next level.

Yesterday whas one of those days. I was casually ramaging trough the shops in Via del Corso with my friends, as we decided to kill some more time by climbing into that wild, wild jungle that is H&M. In the absolute chaos, my friend spotted these, and I decided to try them as well, altready thinking they'd looked horrible on me. Now, I am a girl of hips, and unless we are taliking about A-lined dresses, High waisted things don't look too good on me. However, these i was super impressed with. First thing first, they are super confortable, it's like wearing pjs. Second of all, they glide on so easily hiding humps and bumps and making your figure look super sleek and nice, whatever your size is. I got mine in a 42, which is the biggest one *ouch*, and i have to say, go up with the sizing, cause i'm usually a 14\16ish in primark and here i had to pick up a big ol' 18. So yes, only downside, the sizing is a bit rubbish. But this bit aside, they are super comfy and i think they actually look quite cool on. I will style them with loose plain tops and trainers, cause for me the acid wash is already quite funky & a bit out of my B&W confort zone. Baby Steps guys..
Sorry for the blurry pics, I still need to master the art of self focusing.
These High waisted shorts are from H&M, and you can find them in the shops in several different colours and sizes..actually i might go back to grab some more as I am that absessed.
They were also super cheap, € 14,99.
Here's the link to H&M website: So, what are you waiting for? Have your self some denim..