Monday, June 16


So, usually I don't talk about a product unless i'm really in love with it.

Today's an exception.. i haven't fully grasped this product. Before getting it I ramaged trough the internet to take a look at some reviews, and I ended up being even more confused: some people love it, some absolutely hate it. As usual,i decided to make my own opinion, so i went out and bought it. 
So here's what i think, after trying it for a good week: a big, fat i don't know.
Let's start from the beginnig: We're talking about the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat daily moisturiser. This bad boy is adviced for combination to oliy skin: it aims to provide moisturised yet matified skin, and claims to be an excellent make up base. The consistency of this product is very similar to the Bioderma Hydrabio Legère..but only at first: my beloved Bioderma is way more watery and feels more refreshing. The Effaclar has a very bad chemical\alchoolic scent, and it's more a gel that a cream: for this reason it leaves skin feeling a bit sticky and i don't feel like my skin is able to absorb it really well. On a better note tho, i found this cream to be a very good make up base: the foundation really clings onto it, and with this underneath it, i rarely feel my skin greasy and feel like i need to powder. Another downside is that the INCI is pretty nasty -now, i'm not an organic-green-clean beauty obsessed, but i do care about ingredients,and in here i could find some pretty bad ones. In conclusion, I'd advice this product if you're looking for a nice, mattifying make up base, not really if you're looking for a nice, skin friendly skincare product. It's more like a primer for me. So yes, pretty mixed feelings.. i'm pretty sure i'll keep you updated on this one.

Have you tryied this product? what do you think? I desperately need your help..