Tuesday, June 10


So, how do you like your brows in the morning?

So this week on the blog we're going to discuss a very controversial subject: brows.When it comes to brows there is no middle ground: either super fine and defined or bushy and wild. Now, since the whole Cara Delevigne-moment, the bold-brow party seems to be winning this reckless game.
I know this is a statement, but i've always had big brows. And i'm not necessarily talking before the trim 
( before the discovery of tweezers i was rocking the monobrow, obvs.). Even at the salon, I've always asked for a very natural,full brow..and those were the days were super fine eyebrows where DA THANG. 
You don't need me to tell you about all of the awful comments..
But eventually, after years and years of mockery, now my brows are on trend. I call it Karma.
Enough rumbling, i thought today i would talk you trough the products i use to make my eyebrows look spiffing. Because if there's something i learned in the last year, is that having naturally full brows does not mean having good looking brows. Nope, they need filling and coming and taiming.. otherwise it'll be a mess both in real life & uh la laa -in pictures. No more naked brows pics this way. Nope.
So, i like to start my brow routine by combing them with a spooly and eventually removing superfluous hair with tweezers. I then grab my brow pencil, which at the moment is the KIKO Precision Eyebrow Pencil in the shade 02, as recommended by the lovely Amelia Liana. Really like this stuff: the pencil is really really fine, has a great consistency, has no orange undertone and comes with a very efficient little eyebrow comb & special sharpener. With the pencil i like to fill in any gaps and also elongate a bit the shape of my eyebrows. To soften it all up i then use a powder: at the moment i like to use a combination of MAC eyeshadows in Espresso and Carbon. I use an angled brush to apply them. I then comb again to blend and finish the whole process by applying a clear brow gel. And that's my brows sorted!