Monday, June 23


So it's that time of the year when things just go a little too sweaty..
Now, i really like summer, however when it comes to applying make up, my relationship with summer is seriously put to the test. I'm an hudge make-up lover -as you all might have seen, by now,and I find that covering my face with creams&powders without melting like an ice lolly is very quite hard during the summer months. I struggle with it myself, and made lots of Kohl pencil in August anyone? been there, done that. Anyways, we all know that experience brings here i give you some of my favourite tips for long-lasting, sweat proof summer makeup.

MATTIFYING MOISTURISER: So we all know how important is to take care of our skin, before applying make up. During the summer months i like to switch up some of my Skincare routine for something a bit more light and refreshing. One thing i do change is my daily moisturizer: during summer i usually go for something more lightweight and mattifying. For example right now i'm testing the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat.
PRIME IT UP!: As you guys might know, the most important thing for a long lasting make up is having a perfect canvas. That's why after i moisturize i like to use a primer to prevent my foundation from slipping everywhere and make it last longer. At the moment i'm using the Maybelline baby Skin primer. Loving it.
LESS IS MORE: When it comes to the actual make up application, i suggest to stick to the mantra that a little bit goes the long way, especially in boiling hot weather. Remember that by applying a small amount of product, it'll be more likely for the skin to absorbe it all. If we put on too much (especially creamy products like foundation or concealer, fyi) the excess product will remain on the surface of the skin and slip everywhere. Trust me, it's not a good look.
BLOTTING TISSUES: And last but not least, for a lil' touch up on the go, nothing's better than a little set of blotting tissues. They will absorbe the excess oil, give your skin a lovely airbrushed finish and most of all, not ruin your make up. Just remember to press them to the skin and not drag them! You can find them pretty much everywhere, but mine are from KIKO.

So here we have it guys, a list of my favourites summer make up hacks.
Do you guys have some more and would like to share 'em with me?