Saturday, June 7


WEARING: I know it may sound lame, but this week i've been loving wearing basic T-Shirts. There's just something about a plain white\black tee that makes me feel so confident and more classy and  grown up..i know, it's just a top, but i'm obsessed. For basics i would highly recommend H&M: they're really cheap, and absolutely lovely..
EATING: This week's discovery is an healty number: Chocolate soy milk. I've recently discovered that some elements that i usually include in my diet are not so good for my body. Basically i'm slightly intolerant to dairy and gluten. I'm trying to variate my diet a bit, and this week i was pleased to drink soy milk for breakfast. Honest review: it tastes like pudding..
LIVING: I'm kinda cheating on this one, because I feel like i've been obsessed with this thing for longer than a week.. it's Game of Thrones Books. Now, i am MASSIVELY late to this party. The consequences to my delay are several spoilers on the internet, spoilers on TV, spoilers on magazines but most of all, friends that tell me everything because they can't contain the excitement because yes, GOT is that awesome. I don't watch the series, because I find that to keep people watching HBO has transformed a good fantasy\geeky\nerdy series into a porno. Yes, opinions. I do really think that other than that, the series' pretty cool, the actors are all amazing and shmexy and the sets are absolutely stunning. But, back to us, i'm reading the books because i love to read sagas, and this one is actually awesome and very well written. I'm currently about to finish the 1st book, and already bought the second one because i just can't be without it..