Friday, June 27


WEARING: Would you believe i started to appreciate body products only a few weeks ago? I've always been very bothered to moiturise after going out of the shower..untill i got myself some The Body Shop Body Butters. I am now obsessed with them, and I can see myself repurchasing them for the rest of my life. Yes, that obsessed. I find that they look best with slightly dump skin, so I usually apply them as soon as i get off the shower.. however i recently discovered how lovely they look on dry legs and arms right before I go out. They make my skin look glowy and silky smooth..just like magazine cover legs.Nice tip right? You are welcome.
EATING: With the weather warming up, i've always found myself in the hunt for fresh, raw food. One thing i've been absolutely loving is quinoa salads. Quinoa is a very proteic seed,perfect for a Vegetarian regime (but absolutely healthy for everyone!) that can be boiled and used pretty much how we would use rice or any other crereal. It takes 1\2 an hour to completely make a salad, and you can put in them pretty much anything you like: just remember to keep it fresh and healthy!
LIVING:  If you'd ask me what i've been doing this past week, my only answer would be Sherlock. Now, as i wrote this i realized the inappropriate innuendo: no, i haven't been sleeping with him, just watched 3 seasons of this masterpiece in less than a week. This series is a perfect mix of everything that I love: crime solving, London scenery and of course, Benedict Cumberbatch in a long blue coat.  I won't give much of the plot away (even tough i'm pretty sure all of you have seen it by now), but it's basically a modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most famous novels. I have red a few in the past, and I can tell that (especially for what concearnes 1st and 2nd season) the transposition is as coherent as it's creative: i personally love it.