Saturday, July 5


To me, there's nothing more peaceful than the sea at night.
Yesterday, for the first time this summer, we decided to venture to the seaside to have a lovely bonfire.
As soon as i knew i decided to bring along my big girl camera and to take a few snaps. Here's what came out of it. Apologies if i don't appear in any of the pictures, but trust me, i did it for you as i was makeup less and covered in sand. Hope these few images can bring you a little peace and serenity. This evening out certainly brought serenity to me. Ps, for some extra happiness, maybe listen to this song while scrolling trough this post. Hope you enjoy.
Sorry for the extra blurry pictures, but Dlsr cameras and darkness are not a perfect combination if you didn't bring your tripod. Head in the clouds.
Oh. and the answer, how could I miss? Could be something as simple as this..