Friday, July 18


Warning: I'll be away from the 19th to the 27th of July.
Where? Well, I guess i'm going on an adventure..
So, as you guys know, to me having a blog means having an online diary in which i can store thoughts, pictures and memories. I really do love sharing my passions with you, so when it comes to a big part of my life, I always enjoy writing about it on here. Also, I'd love to come back to this site in 5 years time and be able to re-live all of my emotions and experiences. So this post is both for you, and for my future self.
This year, instead of going on a glamorous beach holiday (which I love, and have enjoyed for the past years) I've decided to go on an adventure. And by using the term 'adventure' i don't mean choosing camping over a 5 stars hotel. I mean leaving with only a backpack full of everything I need and a sleeping bag. I mean waking for more than 200 Kilometers from Umbria to Tuscany, and sleeping wherever people let us sleep: Gym floors, Kitchens, Monasteries, Hostels.. No, i'm not insane..just inspired I'd say.
I'm not going to ramble too much (hopefully!) but my gap year is almost over and I really wanted to make a strong experience like that. My chumster Gaia told me about this project she was taking part of, and I decided to give this a go. Then my best friend Eleonora tagged along. I have to say, toghether with the amazing people who have trained with us to do this experience, I am in excellent company. I'm sure some of you might be thinking: oh come on, you're a girl obsessed with beauty and internet, how can you possibly survive without make up nor wifii for a week? Well, I know it'll be hard but i will definitely make an effort. At the end of the day, our body was made to live without all of the comforts that today seem more than necessary, and was made to walk places, instead of always going by car too.
What I expect from this experience? Definitely get to know myself and my limits. Also, put my mental and physical strenght to the test. Put things in perspective and gain a different point of view around life and what really matters at the end of the day. Enjoy mother nature! Take loads of cool pictures and honestly, make a ton of memories. I know it's going to be a big thing. Probably bigger than I expect. But i'm ready for an adventure.
Oh, just a quick note for you internet peeps: Someone who really really inspired me (and my friends) is Louis Cole, aka Fun For Louis. If you don't know who he is (clearly you have been living under some rock.. ) he is a professional Daily Vlogger who inspires thousands of people to stop watching and start living their lives. So yeah, thanks Louis (and the rest of the crew, Ben, Steve ecc), here's to this wonderful experience. I'm sure it'll be amazing.