Tuesday, July 15


It's that time of the year guys: just get on your dancing shoes.. cause festival season is here..
I can't believe that after months and months of wait, the moment is finally arrived. As you can tell by the tickets on the picture, I am going to see Arctic Monkeys perform live at Pistoia Blues festival in a couple of days. Yes, i am super excited, and yes, my knees will go wabbly as soon as I hear the first chord of Do I wanna know.. So, since I'm finally going to meet the four men i'm going to marry at some point *cough* I guess I need to take care of myself and make sure I smell nice even in the most sticky situation..

So here's a few things i'm definitely going to take with me to Pistoia. Little fact for you, I'll make sure to take my small 'on-the-go' camera with me, and post a few snaps of the whole week-end as soon as I can, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you're interested in seing pictures of Alex Turner..
Enough with my feels, let's talk about beauty *blushes*- First thing first, we're going to make sure we smell nice and we look ok: a good deodorant is definitely a staple, alongside with dry shampoo. I'd suggest not to speriment with products in general, as we want to avoid bad surprises.. so I sticked to my usual deodorant by Infasil and picked up a mini travel version of my Batist dry shampoo. Then, make sure yor teeth smell nice, if some random rockstar decides to jump off stage to pay homqage to you with a kiss.. ok, my hormons are already flying high. Back to the point, i picked up a travel toothbrush by mentadent and a travel size of my favoite toothpaste by Marvis. Now, talking about skincare, I'm going to be away for two days, so I'm not bothering with carrying with me the whole skincare shelf. I'm going to stick with my usual Cleanser and moisturizer by The Body Shop, and as a night cream I decided to bring with me an overnight treatment for face,lashes&lips by the brand Be Chic and as a special treat, a sachet of ultra moisturizing balm for any dry areas. If you're an affectionate reader of my blog, you'll already know my love for sachets and samples: they are small, enjoyable, travel friendly and absolutely free.. Last but not least, Sunscreen is an absolute staple -mine's a travel version of the Hawaian Tropic Silk spf 15- along side with insect repellent.. God knows how unattractive mosquito bites are..
Don't forget to bring your sunglasses and flower crown and you're pretty much good to go..