Tuesday, July 8


Disclaimer: these tips do work..

So, don't wanna get too graphic, but it's that time of the month here.
And if you're a girl, you will definitely know that the previous statement involves me being extraordinarily moody (yes, more than i already am),very very easily movable and most of all my skin being a total beyatch.
Usually about a week before that happens -ugh, cringing so much because TMI but hey, i've got good adice so i might as well keep rolling with it. So, yes. O was talking about my skin going absolutely cray about a week before my period. I usually have combination skin, with some sparse dry patches and an oily T-zone. However, whenever is that time of the month, it gets over all quite oily and all of the spots happen. Honestly. It's like a volcanic eruption, mainly around my forhead\hairline and chin. And then, the cherry on the pie, usually I also get a very big, big and -did i say big?- fat pimple, that usually gets about two weeks to heal completely.. obvs leaving a nice ol' scar. 
I bet by now y'all are pretty disgusted and also wondering why the heck i told you all these disgusting facts about me. Well, because this time none of it happened. None of it. And i'm bout to tell you all about it.

- Tea Tree Oil is your best friend when it comes to prevent spots from covering the whole of your face. It's an antibacterical oil that can be used pure (i tend to do that when i have a big fat spot as it dries it out overnight) or diluted in a product. My favorite Tea Tree range is from The Body Shop: It's entirely natural, and very affordable. Anyhow, this oil is miraculous at keeping your face clean and spot-less during that time of the month. It also balances out sebum, and dries out any imperfection you might have.

-Clay masks : definitely double up you weekly clay mask session. Putting on one of these two times per week helps purifying the skin and clensing it for the long term. You will definitely feel and see your skin fresher and cleaner after using them. They really do make a tangible difference in your skin. The thing i would suggest though, is to pick a mask that's suitable for your skin type (sensitive, dry,combination etc..).

-Water based moisturizer. These are much lighter and definitely more skin (and period!) friendly. As they're waterbased, they go on really nicely and the skin is able to absorbe them in seconds. Make sure to use the right amount your skin needs, without putting on too much of it, as residues don't make the skin breathe properly- and increase the risk of imperfections.

So these were all my PMS tips. Do you guys have more? Let me know down in the comments!
Thanks so much for reading, i'll talk to you soon..