Sunday, July 13


So, who's been away from her blog almost the entire week? *waves hand*
I am so very sorry. I've had a pretty buisy one indeed. Over the next few weeks the schedule will be even more messy, because i'm leaving with no laptop, nor wi-fii.. You'll learn more about my summer plans early next week, when i'll put up a blogpost to explain what i'll be doing while i'm away from this little corner of the internet. I missed writing here and talking to you guys, so I've decided to pop in with a quickie: my weekly loves. So, without further ado, let's talk about what i've been enjoying the most this week.
WEARING: So, for the activity i'm going to do as my 'summer holiday' *more about it later this week on a specific blogpost!* i needed a pair of good ol' kicks. I picked up some Nikes: fun fact for you, I've never owned a pair of nike shoes before. Things i learned from this experience: In Nikes i'm a size 9 instead of my regular 7 and a half (what?) and also they are the most confortable shoes i've ever owned. The ones you see in the picture are the Pegasus Air +28. Not my shoes, because i couldn't find the time to take a proper picture. My ones are purple and orange and i may or may not have already worn them outside with a total black T-shirt and skinny jeans ensamble. Like that look alot.
EATING: So the other day i was shopping with my mum, and we decided to pop into W.O.K. for a quick bite to eat. By my big surprise I found out that in that particular one, there was also a 'market' section filled with all sorts of asian goods. *drool*. So I picked up some fresh Udon Noodles. The next day, i cooked them with Veggie stir fry and Tofu. Yes, that's my picture and YES, they were incredible.
LIVING: Yesterday night me and my friends decided to go to Rome city center, in Piazza del Popolo, to see the Hard Rock Live Music festival. It was a completely free entrance, live music festival set up by the Hard Rock Cafe and the city of Rome. Both the atmosphere and the music were amazing. We arrived two hours after it had started, so we missed The Carnabys, However, we got to see Sadie and the hot heads, and The Fratellis, who i am now OBSESSED WITH. They were so good and completely up my street: a very energetic indie rock folk band. Definitely check them out if you haven't already. And then, the main act of the festival, my absolute favorite italian rock band, Negramaro. I had already seen them live, but this time, with all the Piazza del Popolo singing along, under the stars.. it was magical.