Tuesday, August 5


Although I never talk about it on this website, music is a hudge part of my life.

And by saying that i mean that there's not a day I spend without listening to music, playing guitar, singing, doin a lil' boogie to some of my fave tunes..or all of the above. I'm sorry for that mental image.
But seriously, music is ma thang and I couldn't survive without it, as cheesy as it sounds. One thing i really do enjoy is discover new artists: wether it's on the internet, on Spotify,on the radio..it's just great. But then, sometimes that thing happens. I stumble across an artist whose music is so perfect i can't stop listening to it. Infact i don't. And i become obsessed. Recently this strange phenomenon has happened quite a few times, so I thought i'd share my top 5 fave artists with you lovely folks. Warning: some o' these are pretty obvious, some totally unknown to the masses. I don't have the utlimate music taste, I just listen to what I enjoy. 
I'm sure you've got some Indie record that's much cooler than mine..

JAKE BUGG: Apparently i wasn't the only gem born in 1994. This lovely fella is only 20 years old, but in the last two years has been able to write -not one but two- killer records. He is very young, yet has a very old soul: his lyrics (yes, a singer songwriter!) are very accessible but very deep and suffered. His music is a very successful blend of Rock n' Roll, Country and romantic, sad ballads that'll make your heart melt. His guitar skills are very remarkable, and his reserved and sassy personality really rare for an artist that young. I would like to highlight some of his songs for you to hear, but i just can't pick my favorite. These are just a lil' sample..
In need for a boogie? > Taste it
Feeling emotional? > Someone Told me

PALOMA FAITH: And now, on to a completely different genre. See? I told you my music taste is only based on what i enjoy listening to. Enough rumble, back to business. This lovely woman has produced what turned out to be my most recent let's have a party in my room record. A Perfect Contradiction aka her latest record is just the perfect combination between very very upbeat dancey songs and ballads that are just perf to sing your heart out. Her sound is very vintage, smoothly shifting from 70\80's dance music to 50's slow ballads. Unique, and definitely worth listening to.
In need for a boogie? >  Take Me
Feeling emotional? >  Only Love Can Hurt Like This 

THE FRATELLIS: Back to some rock music, I discovered this amazing band by accident. I was waiting for one of my favorite italian acts at Hard Rock Live festival in Rome earlier this summer, and The Fratellis were playing before them. As soon as the drummer started to play i knew that i would have loved the set. They slayed the stage for one hour straight, but it honestly felt like 10 minutes: their Indie Rock is very upbeat, catchy and easy to listen to. Infact, i haven't stopped listening to their first record Costello Music since then..
Give a listen to some of my faves > Creepin up the Blackstairs   -   Henrietta

MESITA: Whenever I need to relax and put on some very calming and inspiring music, there's one record i always turn up to, and it's Here's to Nowhere by Mesita. Mesita is the musical project of James Cooley: everything you hear is made by this amazing musician: he writes, performs and produces. His music is so unique and special that there's no way for me to describe it using words: you all need to hear it.

KING KRULE: And last but not least.. Another gem born in 1994 -see, told you it was the best year ever.. For a 20 year old, this kid is an absolute genious. His music is very difficult to classify, with elements of various genres like punk jazzhip hopdarkwave, and trip hop His debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon is a masterpiece and probably one of the most bizarre ensambles I've ever heard. Definitely needs a couple of listens before getting used to it and fully apreciate it, but i guarantee its worth your time,this being the most unique record i've ever heard ever. Yep, that's a statement. But give this a listen and you'll know what i mean.

And that's it! that was very long to write and very much fun indeed. Hope you like this post even though is a bit out of my confort zone, and feel free to let me know any new artist you've been obsessed with recently. or what you think about my top 5!