Wednesday, August 20


I swear I don't know how this happened. Next week I'm tuning twenty. Say whaaaa? I'm aging ladies and gentleman, but don't you worry, somehow I still manage to have the brain of an 8 year old.. 
But, hello there everyone! How have we been? I know I'ts been a while but summerbreak is over and I'm finally back to business. So today I thought i'd pop into my local drugstore to see if I could find some special beauty treats to wear on my birthday, to make erryting a little more special. My attention landed onto these three beauties. First off, I needed a kick-ass eyeshadow. After a quick ramage trough my top bblogs, my attention landed onto the very much raved L'Oreal Color Riche - L'Ombre Pure. Very fancy name indeed, but I have to say, very fancy packaging, formula and color as well. There are so many finishes and colors to pick up, but I decided to go for number 502 Quartz Fumé in the finish Lumière: I have to say quite out of my -very very matte eyeshadows confort zone, but for a special occasion I'm up for a bit of shimmer. The consistancy is very much buttery for a pressed eyeshadow and feels more like cream than powder. Overall really impressed: can't wait to give this number a go, I'm planning on doing a one color smokey eye.. we'll see how it goes. To finish off the eye look I decided to grab some gel eyeliner: this is the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama in 01 Intense Black. Haven't tried it yet, but fon now i can confirm that it's the best packaged gel liner I've ever bought. And last but not least, For my lip makeup I'm in a weird Kylie Jenner/90's Model phase.. So I picked up a very nude lip liner, and this is the Rimmel Exaggerate full color lip liner in 030 Natural. Never really heard of these, but the color looked super nice and very similar to my own lip color.. We'll give this a go. As usual, I'll report back soon.