Friday, August 1


So.. i'm back.
Not gonna lie, making the decision to grab my big girl camera and think of a new post was harder than i expected. I'm not going to be the blogger who tells you that this is all she wants to do, and that she never has days where the only thing she wants to do is go out with friends not giving an actual what on blog responsibilities. After getting back from my adventure, my perspective on things has slightly changed, and I needed to figure out a couple things.. the blog was one of those. Don't worry, eventually I realized it's something that makes me super happy, so I'm going to keep going, and maybe try to improve my content quality. Yes, Quality not quantity... that's the motto.
But. Back to the post, shall we? *sorry for the massive rumble it was unnecessary I know*
So this week the Daddy turned 50 *throws cake and confetti* and we decided to have a little Birthday Barbecue with some of his closest friends to celebrate this important milestone. We had loads of fun and ate ALL OF THE FOOD. I decided to opt for a very casual, yet put toghether ensamble. You know me, all black everything all year long, but this time I decided to sprouse up things a bit with a lil' bit of light denim.. you know.. it's summer. I reckon red lipstick is that little something something that makes this ootd look put toghether and more grown up.

From head to toe:
Basic V-neck: H&M
Organic Denim shirts: H&M
Boots: Dr Martens
Rings: Vintage
Red Lipstick: Essence