Sunday, August 31


This blogpost is a little bit of a different one. I know i always rumble about all things beauty and fashion, but if you've been reading my blog since the beginning you will know i've got a little penchant for food. So last week I've had the pleasure to stumble across a very very nice restaurant that's also a very exciting new addition to my town. This little place of wonders is called Fortini Lab, and -surprisingly- sits in the beautiful frame of my town, Albano (little village in the roman country side, fyi ). It has been open for less than a month but, oh my, I've been there quite a lot already. It's a beautiful Industrial Chic -very much New York-ish style place: 1st floor is a good ol' italian Coffe, packed with all sorts of delicious Cappuccino, gelato and pastries. Second floor, that is the one we're discussing today, is a (mostly Raw) Vegan restaurant. The third floor is a very pretty terrace, perfect for post dinner drinks and cocktails. I know, it sounds like heaven.. and it is to be fair. This particular night we were lucky enough to eat all of the amazing dishes you can spot in the pictures. First off, fresh Time Focaccia. Then as a starter, we opted for some raw vegan sushi rolls filled with Cottage cheese that was actually made out of Macadamia Nuts (say whaaaaa? who knew they could be used both in skincare&cheese! ) that tasted absolutely awesome. Next, the main course, a completely vegan Potatoes and Porcini Mushrooms Lasagna. I promess, as amazing as it sounds. And last but not least some sundried redbell pepperoni filled with a delicious cream made out of pistachio&avocado.So, as you can already tell, the food was absolutely amazing, and I have to say very people pleasing -definitely tasty for both experienced vegan people and not. Shell I add that the place looks super duper cool and that the staff is amazing and super friendly? What are you waiting for, have yourself some Fortini..
info: Fortini Lab Facebook Page