Friday, October 24


 If you like makeup, and you've never heard of lip stains, I must suppose you have been living under a rock, as these lip products have been one of the biggest hits of this past year.

It just sounds dreamy: a beautiful, intense coat of color on our lips that will not threaten to smudge all over our face, or stain our teeths, of worse, fade awkwardly while we have dinner with that very attactive guy..
I've tried a few, and I can say i'm almost converted. Still not 100 % sure, I guess the only possible solution is to keep testing more and more..untill I found the one. You know, it's for science.

RIMMEL APOCALIPS LIP LAQUER: My first option comes in the shape of a Rimmel Offer. You know how much i love this drugstore brand, so It's definitely not a surprize that i also love their version of this product. This feels very much more like a liquid lipstick than a lip tint, I'd say it doesn't last an impressive amount of hours. However, it is packed with pigments, has no shimmer in it, but still manages to provide a very vynil-gloss Hollywood glamour look.Mine is in the shade 006 Nude Eclipse.

KIKO DOUBLE TECH 10H LIPSTICK: I think it's worth mentioning that this is the actual first lip stain I've ever bought, even before the whole hype started. Kiko had it first, and i think it's safe to say this time italians' got talent. This gorgeous product prevents a very natural lip stained effect. It lasts absolutely ages, it's shimmer-ree and the color range is very impressive, going from very pale nudes, to pinks, to dark reds. The only downside is that you have to always carry it around, and basically re-apply the clear gloss everytime it disappears, because otherwise your lips will dry out a bit. But you know what they say, no pain no gain.. Mine is in the shade 108 and it's a very vibrant pink.

SEPHORA CREAM LIP STAIN: Ladies and gentleman, I give you the star of the show, as this little number is a  true gamechanger. It is just perfect. Have you ever dreamd of a bold, super pigmented red lip, that will stay put no matter what you eat, drink or kiss, and -drumroll- won't dry your lips out tot he bone? This is the one to go for. Mine is in the shade003 and it's a very deep dark pink. So what are you waiting for? Get it while it's hot..

ESSENCE STAY MATT LIP CREAM: And last but not least, the cheapest of the bunch. Sorry if you live in the UK or in the US, but this majestic brand is only available in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and maybe France. Again, not a very long lasting formula, but very pigmented, and this time, velvty mat. The result is hollywood glamour all over- the only downside.. it moves a bit so check a mirror every now and again cause it'll decide to land somewhere on your teeth.. Mine is in the shade Silky red and it's perfect for the upcoming holiday season..

So here I gave you four of my favorite lips stains at the moment. What are yours? Have you tried any of these? Let me know down in the comments, and I'll speak to you very soon..