Saturday, November 1


University has finally started. Early mornings. Little time to get ready. Many hours out and about, and the possibility of touching up makeup not even in sight..

So let's play a little game, shall we? What is quick and easy to apply, very long lasting and very cool looking? Cream Eyeshadows.
These amazing new formulas apply very nicely, and pretty foolproof: wether you have the time to make the effort of using a brush for a more polished look, or are still half asleep and decide to embrace the Perfect-imperfect Olsen tweens look, these bad boys are what you need. There's no need to apply an eyeshadow on top, because these new formulas are specialized in not creasing -however if you have very oily lids, I'd suggest sweeping a touch of sheer setting powder on them. Whatever your tastes are, matte rather than shimmery, neutral of bright, I've got something for you. 

I'd start with the old classic. Mac Paintpots have been around for years and years, but still remain one of the best selling products of the brand. Quite on the more expensive side, but still affordable. The range of shades is endless, as well as the different finishes. They last all day, provide a fenomenal base for any eyeshadow, and are a very versatile product. My favorite at the moment is a very light, warm redish brown, Groundwork. Next we have another oldster in the category: the L'Oreal Color Infallible velvety powder. In this case, the eyeshadow is not completely creamy: infact it's an hybrid between cream and powder. It's a very buildable formula, that allows to reach very dramatic results. Often L'Oreal releases limited edition shades that's definitely worth checking out.  The last product i'm gonna show you, before moving to shadow sticks is a new addtion: the Pupa Vamp Cream Eyeshadow in a limited edition, Velvet Mat. I picked this up in sephora the other day because i was very intrigued by the elephant grey shade, and the very matte formula looked very chic and different. If you're interested, I might do a separate review on the subject, as soon as i can test it properly.

Quickly touching on eyeshadow sticks, I'm gonna mention the ever so famous KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows, probably the most affordable option of the bunch, and one of my favorites. These come in a hudge variety of shades. They are super easy to apply: litterally, swipe, blend with finger, done. The only possible downside is that there's not a single matte shade in sight. Still on the shimmery side of things, Rimmel Scandaleyes eye shadow sticks are unbelievably long lasting. The shade selection is very intresting, especially number 003, Bad Gal Bronze: a red toned brown that'll flatter every single eye color..

And that is it for my 'one product eye look' top picks. Have you tried some of these? Do you like cream eyeshadows?