Friday, November 14


With great lipsticks, come great responsibilities., or just a hudge load of pictures of the same product. I mean, just look at it..
I'm going to be honest with you: as soon as I got this beauty of a lipstick, I decided to snap a few pictures and write a blog post about it. Without even trying it on. But then my inner beauty blogger Jiminy Cricket started speaking, so I decided to maybe wear it a couple of times before writing any pamphlet..
So I did. And I can happily affirm that this lipstick isn't just stunningly packaged but also has an amazing formula. Let's start with presentations, shall we? Let me introduce you to the YSL Rouge Volupté - Silky sensual Radiant Lipstick in number 1. And it does is a winner indeed.. Despite the ridiculously long name. Now, where do I even start. First, let's talk about what's more noticeable - the packaging, I think I can affirm that YSL packaging is my absolute favorite between high end brands. It's so accurate and beautiful, and makes paying almost 30£ for a lipstick a bit more bearable. It feels heavy and luxurious, and it's definitely one to display on your dressing table. The thing that pleased me the most about this product tho, it's its formula: for a second i thought it was going to be all smoke and no fire but i was incredibly wrong. the color payoff is gorgeous. The formula is very very creamy, moisturizing and very confortable on the lips. The finish is glossy, but in no way sticky. It's not made to last a very long amount of time, but i think reapplying is very easy, as you don't need a mirror, nor a lipliner. Do I have to add that it smells like watermelon?
The shade I got in #1, a very cool toned pinky nude.

So, what do you think of this lipstick? Do you have any YSL ones? Let me know in the comments, and I migh as well go pick up some more..