Wednesday, December 10


Another Post, Another close up of my dressing table.
But this time, we're going the full hog: After more than one year on the internet, I give you my makeup collection and storage..

So, the first pictures might look pretty familiar to those between you who have red my latest post about my dressing table. I just wanted to point out anyways, that altough i could use some old pictures i made the effort of taking some new ones, just to show you my festive candle holder..

So, in the first pic you can see where i keep my make up brushes. For more info about my favorite brushes click here, and to know where everything else in the picture is from, including my vanity, click here.

Wait, i was forgetting something very important: as every blogger, before showing my makeup i have to do a small disclaimer. This is not the biggest, craziest make up collection you'll ever see: I have purchased all of this with my own money ( so no PR samples), and to be honest it's already pretty hard to put everything to good use with this amount of products. To some of you, on the other hand, this could look like a lot of makeup products. In that case, bare in mind that beauty is one of my biggest passions, and that for me buying make up is as satisfactory and fun as buying clothes. So instead of splurging on other kinds of shopping, sometimes I like to indulge in beauty.

Enough rumbling. I keep my makeup collection in what are supposed to be cutlery holders: They are from IKEA. Very cheap and cheerful; plastic so they can be washed easily, and if very battered, repurchased without breaking the bank.
First of all, In this small stationery container I keep my powders: You name it, it's in there: from blushers to powders to bronzers. There's a bit of everything but the majority of the items are from the drugstore. Below I'm showing my favorte combo at the moment: MAC Peaches powder blush, and my new KIKO sculpting kit in 02 Precious Sienna.
Next, In this big compartment i keep my other base products. From BB creams to foundations concealers and primers. Basically my face. This is also where i Keep my Rimmel Sunshimmer-because it's too big and doesn't fit in the other container- and my lip balms: there are a couple of my Maybeline Babylips, but my favorite at the moment is the Kiehl's Lip Balm #1. Also, shoutout to the best faundation of all times. I know that's quite a statement but I'm in love with my L'Oreal Eau de Teint.
Lip products are my current obsession. I have loads (they barely fit in their compartment ) and I just can't stop buying more. I like to invest in good lipsticks because I feel like they're a very luxuruous Item to have, and also because they last a bit longer than other products. Below I'm showing you a bunch of my all time winter favorite shades: from berry tones to nudes to red carpet reds. There's something for every occasion - and every budget. L to R: Rimmel Kate Moss in 107 / Mac Russian Red / YSL Rouge Voluptè in #1 / KIKO pencil lip gloss in 09 / KIKO Luscious Punk 04/ KIKO sheer lipstick in 815.
My eye compartment contains every eyeshadow i own (except from palettes, that live somewhere else). If you read my blog and you've red this post you'll know that recently I've fallen out of love for powder eyeshadow (with some exceptions, like the L'Oreal Color Riches L'ombre pure which are just beyond dreamy!). What I'm loving right now is a good old does-it-all cream eyeshadow. Here is where I also keep my Gel Eyeliners and my loose pigments. Below there's a selection of my faves, that you'll recognise if you follow this website. For a more in depth look at my MAC palettes, click here to read a very old blog post.
Next is where i keep all my pencils ( lipliners,brow pencils, eyeliners) and my mascaras. This is the buisiest and fullest compartment of the whole drawer as it's full of all sorts of things: some of the se things i reach for on a day to day basis, like my KIKO brow pencil, or my Rimmel Scandaleyes brown eyeliner, and of course, my COLLISTAR mascara.

And that's my make up collection and storage! 
Let me know in the comments below (or on twitter @margheritaTIC ) if you wanna see a specific post of any of the products I haven't talked about here, or of you have any other question.
Thanks so much for watching and I'll speak to you all soon!