Monday, January 12


I know, you're all tired of my puns, but with this blog title i just couldn't resist..So as you probably already guessed, today we're discussing the make up base. Stay tuned while i unveil the secrets for a fuss free, budget friendly face makover..

The key to my January face makeup is lightness: After the holiday season we're all a bit done with full on makeup looks, glitter packed eyes and nails and we just want to give our face a break. However it is quite impossible to go out bare faced, if you -like me- have been eating all of the food in the past week, and your skin has decided to go crazy. All of the spots.

 To uniform my complextion, and to give it a bit of warmth - things are looking pretty dull round here- i like to start my routine by applying the L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti Dullness (the purple one!). It is a very liquidy purple cream, but when you apply it it turns into a silky consistancy and disappeares into the skin, neautralizing dull and tired skin and brightening up the complextion. Altough you could use this product on its own i find it's a tad light and quite orange to be used as a foundation, but acts perfectly as a base -almost like a primer, cause it's silicone based.My current every day foundation is the L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint - matchy matchy. This hasn't popped on the blog yet, but i've been using it for quite a few months now and I really like it for No-makeup makeup looks. It's a bit bizarre to use at first, but it's worth a try: it looks and feels like your skin but better. Concealer Option, is the Maybelline Affinitone : standard, but I love it. It's super creamy and hydrating and perfect for under your eyes. I know for many of you contour is not a priority, so feel free to not include this product in your 'fresh face' esamble, but due to the fact that i don't have cheekbones, I feel the need to fake them. I'm still using the KIKO Sculpting Bronzer in Precious Sienna : Every blogger has raved about it, and there's a reason. It's just the best option on the high street. Unfortunately it was limited edition, but hopefully kiko will bring out something similar soon. Blush: Two ways. First we have the Maybeline Dream Sun Bronzer and Blush -altough this is clearly a summer-y product, both colors are super light and suit very well my pale complextion. Second option is this Blush palette by H&M : I received this beauty as a Christmas Gift. At first I was very afraid to use it, as H&M makeup can be quite a hit and miss but to my surprise, these blushers are so pigmented, that I risk to sport the clown look every time I apply them. So remember to be very light handed, but the colors are beautiful, the lasting power is great, so definitely a good surprise, worth checking out.

So how do you feel about January? Are you still on the hype for the new year?  Have you tried any of these bad boys to brighten up your cold, early mornings?