Tuesday, January 27


Today my blog is losing its DIY - Virginity. And it's doing it tumblr style. So stop pretending you are totally over this website, and join me! This DIY is ridiculously cheap and easy, and will look stunning on any wall..

The first thing you'll have to do is to choose the pictures that you want to display. This is a very important step, as it can completely change the final look of your room decor. To keep things budget friendly, i suggest you to pick some magazines and stroll trough them untill you find some pictures that you like; a top tip for you: make sure the magazine is made out of thick paper as it keeps its shape better and lasts longer. You can also use little memories that you've kept, like concert tickets, cinema tickets, city maps, anything you like and that makes you remember nice things. Finally, you can search for pictures on your phone or online (here's where the whole tumblr thing comes in to play!) and print them out on thick paper.

You're also going to need a few more things that you can easily find in any DIY/ craft store for a few pounds. You'll need some sort of wire, where you'll hang the pictures later (i went for a clear, plasticky one ), some sticky paste in order to avoid damaging your walls, some cute little clips (i decided on the red ones as the majority of my pictures are B&W ) and last but not least some scissors.

Now it's time to start cutting your pictures. I went for a lot of different forms and shapes, but you can totally customize this step how you like.

And now the fun part! Cut the wire to your desired lenght, and secure it on the wall with the sticky paste. Now you'll just have to pin your photos in place. Play around with it untill it looks exactly how you want it. And you're done! The best thing about this DIY is that you can constantly switch pictures depending on the time of the year, and remove the wire whenever you want without damaging the walls of your room!