Tuesday, January 20


I won a battle, not the war. Yes, I'm still in the middle of my University exams, but I missed this little corner of the internet. So here I give you a little quickie to share with you my latest beauty obsession: Nude Nailpolish.

Yes, I'm massively late to the party wagon, and the fact that Nude nails never go out of fashion and look generally amazing on any skin tone is absolutely no news. It just so happened that after spending twenty -ok maybe just about ten- years of my life painting my nails with the darkest shades of red, blue and brown i could find, I'm finally converted to the lighter side of the spectrum. Actually, after receiving a lot of great nude shades as a Christmas gift ( yes my people know me very well! ) I gave away half of my nailpolishes to friends and family who wanted them, and no surprise, the majority of them were quite dark, bright colors. It is that bad. Even tough it was quite hard to part with most of my nail polishes, I'm pretty happy with my new, de-clutterd nail varnish stash, and today I'm sharing with you some of my faves. As usual, they're all rather affordable, pretty great and very very low manteinance..

From left to Right:

KIKO QUICK DRY NAIL LAQUER in 816 is what I bought before going the full hog and picking up ESSIE CHINCHILLY: they're pretty similar shades but I'd say the kiko one is a bit darker and also has a more red undertone. The next two colors are both from H&M : they're VINTAGE PINK and PERFECT NUDE: the first one is much darker that the other one - a very dusty vintage pink. It almost looks like a brick brown with a lot of white in it, if that makes sense. It's a very neutral, 90's shade and one of my favorites to wear. Perfect Nude, is pretty much the same shade as my skintone during winter: So i reckon it'd look amazing and more noticeable in summer, but for now i love it as a base for glitter nail polishes: it literally acts as a BB cream for your nails, making them look ah-mazing under every sheerer nail polish. Last but not least, the only sparkly number from this lot: the KIKO nail laquer in 216 is a cool toned baby pink filled with the tiniest siver sparkles. I know we're all a bit tired of sparkles after the holidays, but a lil' ol' Sprinkle of Glitter never killed anyone..right?