Tuesday, February 17


Yes, it's true: I'm officially done with exams... now it's time to say bye bye to books and university lectures and enjoy an extremely needed holiday! .. and where, if not in the UK?  

Actually, I'm not done with exams.. I just managed to survive my winter session. Eventually in a few months I'll be freaking out over notes and books again, but let's not talk about it now.
Instead, let's talk about the fact that in two weeks I'm finally leaving for the Uk. No, not forever unfortunately (not yet..). I'm going to visit my bestest friend Eleonora, who's studying in Manchester, and I'm literally over the moon for so many reasons! First of all, because holidays. Second of all because I miss England and I can't wait to go back, and spend some time in Manchester. I've never been there before and I'm super excited for student life shananigans & nothern accents. But most importantly I can't wait to spend some time with my favorite person ever. #cheesy .. But anyways.
You know me, I am a Virgo, and in true Virgo style, I love making lists, and planning, and basically killing any vibe. So today I wanted to show you my wishlist! Don't know if I'll be able to contain myself and not splurge all of  my money on cheesy touristy stuff & Nando's, but I'll definitely update you when i come back!
All of the feels will happen as soon as I walk into Boots. My wishlist as you can spot, is very much complexion oriented: I'm really into my base at the moment. The first two products are both from Bourjois and they are the ever so popular Healthy Mix Serum Foundation and the Healthy Balance  Setting Powder. There's a hudge hype around these two items, so I'd definitely like to give them a go. ..nothing as hyped as the next product though! The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is a long term blogger favorite, and at less than 4 £ is definitely coming home with me. Another thing that's impossible to get hold of at home ( unless ridiculous postage cost ) is Sleek makeup. I would really like to buy some blushers, as I've already tried them and they're absolutely amazing. Next, I'm willing to buy the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: I'm loving blending my base in with dump sponges at the moment, because they give such a natural finish - plus I love real techniques products, so I know this will not disappoint. Last item, not face related is a Barry M Nail Varnish: Recently as you would know if you red my latest nail polish post, I've cleared out my Nail stash, and I'm lacking in pale blue-greeny shades..

Probably the thing I'm willing to buy the most is a pair of Topshop Jamie Jeans. They are just the perfect pair of denim, so confortable and flattering. Still a bit indecisive between plain black ones or ripped knees.. And last but not least, I need a little trip to Primark. The two cute little blouses I put in the pictures are just a little sample of all of the nice things they stock at the moment, so I can't wait to take a look in person.

And this is my UK March wishlist.
Do you have any of these things? Do you like them?
If you're from Manchester feel free to recommend anything (buys, eats, dances ..) in the comments below!