Tuesday, March 17


Nothing makes me quite as happy as a  well written cookbook, especially when it's filled with gorgeous pictures. A bit of an odd one I know..

Hello everyone, I am Margherita and I am slightly obsessed with cookbooks. There's just something about pictures of amazing food, and recipies and all those ingredients..I heart them. So in this post I am going to talk you trough you my ever so small ( ..not for longer  ) cookbook collection. Before that, however, I think it'll be safe to give you some information about my personal diet: I am a vegetarian ( i have been for almost three years ) , so this means that I don't eat meat or fish, but that I still eat dairy and eggs -even if I do try to incorporate dairy substitues in my diet, such as soy and rice milk or tofu. That's why three of these four books are Veggie: i find very usefull to have them, especially because with this kind of diet i'ts always nice to discover new recipes. I have started collecting cookbooks two years ago, and good quality ones can be quite expensive - that's why I tend to get them as gifts on special occasions, and that's why my collection is relatively small.

THE NEWEST ADDITION: Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward.
I stumbled across this beauty when I was in Manchester last week. I spotted it by the till in Tesco for only £10 and I grabbed it straight away. I have been reading Ella's blog for a while now and I am a big fan of her extremely clean yet extremely yummy recipes. Overall, it's a gorgeous book: everything inside it is so quick and easy to do and very affordable. It's packed with personal experience and it's also a great one for any beginner, because it's full of to do's and shopping lists. It would also make a stunning coffee table option.

THE COLLECTION STARTER : Jamie's Italy by Jamie Oliver
So this is the first book I asked for as a Christmas present two years ago, and it's the only non-veg cookbook in my collection. I know whatcha thinkin', why the heck an Italian would buy an English book about Italian food? Here's your answer. Jamie Oliver was the first ever Chef that made me realize how much I loved food, and everything that comes with it. He is so passionate about what he does, and every recipe he creates is so easy and very very delicious. Plus, coming from an Italian point of view, the recipes in this book -believe it or not- are authentic. This book contains lots of gorgeous portraits of every part of italy, as well as Jamie's personal touch. After two years, I still love to sit on my sofa and flick trough its pages.

MAMMA'S FAVORITE: Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi
This book does exactly what it says on the tin: It contains a variety of very very rich and tasty veggie recipes. Each one provides plenty of flavours ( see what I did there? ) ..and plenty of calories *ouch*. In fact, don't get tricked by the salad I've included in the collage, the food in this book is serious stuff. Fun fact, It is actually ment for non-vegetarians who want to experience veggie food without any loss in the taste department. That's why my mum and dad absolutely love it. It's a proper heavy duty book and it's probably the least informal I own, It was an investment at almost 40 €, but in my opinion it should be a staple in any collection.

THE BOOK I'M IN LOVE WITH: The Green Kitchen by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl
Just thinking about this books fills my heart with all sorts of joy. It is one of my favorite things ever, and since I got it this Christmas I never got bored of flicking trough its pages and trying out the recipes it contains. I am a massive fan of Green Kitchen Stories , Dave and Luise blog, and as soon as I heard they were writing a book, i placed it at the top of my wishlist. It is indeed beautiful. It contains 80 veggie recipes, but some of them are even vegan and gluten free. Their cooking style is very different from everything elese I heard before, mixing sweet and savory, hot and cold, bitter and sweet. Every chapter, every recipe is accompanied whith a story and the pictures are just to die for. I am waiting for their second book, Green Kitchen Travels to be translated into Italian and published here, so I'll report back as soon as I get it.

So here's my cookbook collection. Do you have any of these books? Have you got any recommendations?