Tuesday, March 3


A very hyped concealer, and a controversial mascara : that's today's offer.
Discussing lasting power, application and much more..

So it happened. I was perusing the isles of my local drugstore, when I stumbled across the L'Oreal Counter. Altough I am saving up for my next big UK splurge, I was running low in the  mascara and concealer  department - so a restock was very needed. I decided to go for two very famous items on the blogosphere: the Match Perfection Concealer, and the Miss Manga Mascara. I waited a couple of weeks to report back, to make sure I had an opinion.. so here's all the deets.

This is a very well loved concealer troughout the whole royaume of internet. I can see why it's so hyped: it's a very pigmented and creamy formula that blends so easily, with a brightening finish. Altough i got mine in a lighter shade ( 02 Vanilla ) the result is very natural. It's surprisingly good at covering spots, as well as very hydrating under the eyes. The only downsides? for a concealer-addict like me, the applicator is just too small to pick up the right amount of product to basically paint my whole face. Another thing that's too small? the size of the product. It's literally as long as my pinky finger. Come on.

I'm gonna be honest with you: I haven't fully wrapped my mind around this mascara yet. It's one of the most controversial products on the blogosphere : some people love it, some absolutely hate it. I still don't know. It's a very jet black formula, very rich and coats the lashes very well. The applicator is cone-shaped, which makes reaching corners and smaller lashes very easy. One thing I don't fully get tho, is the bendy mascara wand. I find it doesn't allow the bristles to grip properly to the lashes. And i'm more keen on plastic applicators, rather that softer, bristles ones. Anyways it lasts quite a long time and holds a curl very well. Top tip for you: careful when you use it for the first time: the applicator's so soft and the formula is so wet that you'll spill it everywhere..

So have you tried these two products? what do you think about them? Yay opinions!