Tuesday, April 7


Hello, how are you?
In the last couple of weeks life has been hactic, good , but definitely hectic.

I had to put this little corner of the internet to the side for a while and I am so sorry for disappearing for two weeks. I have missed you too. Today, I finally have a couple of hours to spare, so I decided to come back with an update post. Don't get too excited tough, nothing major has changed. But remember,  it's the little things in life that make a big difference..

I know, I said small changes and this sounds like nothing but a small change. In fact, I am so proud of it, because not only it is my first proper job, but it is also a small sample of what I'd like to do with my life when i'm done with university. And, most of all, it happened because of this blog. When I started posting almost one year and a half ago, I had no Idea that my passion and my hobby would give me actual work opportunities. But now, it happened. And I've also received my first paycheck. Writing about beauty for a company. I mean, I still can't quite believe it.

So as some of you might know, almost two months ago I passed the theory exam for my driving licence (In Italy there's two phases, first a written exam and then after actual driving lessons, you do another exam and you -hopefully get your licence ). After seven hours of practice with an instructor, several panic attacks and a lot of sweating i feel like i'm finally starting to learn something. I feel more confident, and I actually like it. Finger crossed for my exam then!

Yes, now that it's pen to paper ( or better, pixels on screen ) I have to do it. Flashback to two years ago, I was the happiest bunny, training almost everyday in my local gym : cardio, lifting, toning and what not. I loved it, and actually had fun. I miss that feeling, and I'm actually turning into a shapeless potatoe, so it's time to come back and kick some asses. Yes, I'm that serious. Finding an hour or two to dedicate to exercising will be very hard considering my crazy schedule of university, reharsals, projects and volounteering, but I'll do it. Fitness themed blogposts anyone?

If you follow me on instagram ( if you don't, i'm @margheritafresilli ) you probably noticed that recently I've been trying a lot harder with my pictures and with the editing process. I've been following many expert igers for a while, and suddently I realized that if I made an effort, I'd probably create beautiful pictures as well. So that's one thing i've been loving recently. I find it very relaxing and inspiring. Wich links me to..

Last but not least, the most evanescent of all these changes. I don't even know how to explain it, but it makes sense in my own head. I'll try. For the most part of my teenage years, and up untill lately, I've been constantly obsessing over the things i didn't like about myself, about my life, about my body, etc. Recently i've been feeling a lot more positive, and generally more inspired. I've been listening to some new music, watching new youtubers, changing my style, changing my makeup. For the first time, I'm feeling good enough to follow my aesthetic/lifestyle goals. It sounds very silly, but it means so much to me. It's a work in progress.. but i'm glad that i finally started.

So these were my life updates. And what about you? what is happening in your world? What have you been up to? ( Arctic Monkeys fans out there..? )