Saturday, April 18


If you read blogs, you're pretty familiar with these posts; usually they come out once a month but here on The Italian Chick we like to do one of those just when we're really, really obsessed.. and yes, we can't keep up with schedules too.
I am really happy with the make up i'm wearing at the moment. It is very simple, natural and youthful, but it involves quite a lot of blending, and quite a lot of different products. It focuses mainly on the complexion, and sculpting cheekbones in a very natural, non KK way. I love filling in my brows as well, and have you heard the news? I've finally been converted to eyebrow threading and it rocks. This post would have been massive if i had included all the products i've been loving lately,  so I managed to select the crème de la crème to give you my ultimate favorites..

L'Oreal True Match Foundation & Concealer : As you may know, this concealer offer has already been featured on this website, as soon as I got it, almost a month ago. I really liked it back then and I absolutely love it now. It's a yellow tone concealer that still manages to look like skin once blended. It's very creamy, brightening and good coverage. After realizing how good the concealer was, I decided to purchase the matching - very blogger raved - foundation. I have to say that i really like it: it's a medium to full coverage base that gives a very glowy, dewy finish to the skin. If well blended, it can look quite natural, but I'd say for me ( i'm not a fan of heavy foundations ) it's more of a night out, evening pick... also because it photographes soo beautifully! Honestly, from a selfie, to a photoshoot, this base rocks.
I use the concealer in 2 Vanilla and the Foundation in Rose Vanilla.

Max Factor Erace Cover-up Stick : When I got it as a present, i wasn't really intrigued by this very thick consistency, high coverage concealer. It looked pretty old school to me, and so I carried on using my own products.. untill I watched an online review+demo (love those! ) and found out that this product was not meant to be used to conceal, instead it was a corrector -hence the orange toned shade. So I've been using it under my eyes when I wake up very early to go to uni, or when I've had quite a night the day before. And it works! Dark circles disappear, and altough it's a very thick paste, it doesn't crease when powdered! 
I use it in the shade 03 Medium 

Kiko Precision Eyebrow Pencil : Here in italy finding good eyebrow products is a real struggle - even more if you're on a budget. This Kiko pencil is the only exception *insert Paramore song here*.It's so small and precise, and it does last all day. It's cheap as chips and it even comes with a spoolie and a customed tiny sharpener. There's not much more to add, besides a round of applause for Amelia Liana and her recommendation..
Mine is in 02

Revlon Eyeliner Pencil : To be honest, this is just your box standard black pencil liner, but i feel like everybody here raves about the Rimmel liners ( that i also love! ) and no one gives credit to Revlon liners. They are actually amazing! This one is super intense, super black and very creamy, however once it sets it lasts all day, and it rarely smudges under your eyes. Plus, it's one of the longest liner I've ever bought, so it will last absolutely ages.

I'm Pupa Lipsticks : Shoutout to italian make up designers! Pupa is a great italian brand, that definitely deserves to be known more abroad, especially because these lipsticks are my absolute favorites when it comes to spring - summer. I've done a full review on them las here. They are super pigmented, creamy and moisturising -they actually feel like a lip balm, no joke- and they last all day. The easiest way to rock a brigh lip during summer!
The one in the picture is number 207.

Kiko Precision Lip Pencil : Yes, I've caved to the 90's lip trend, and yes, i secretly wish I was Kylie Jenner. That's why recently I've considered buying the ever so famous -and always sold out- MAC lipliner in Soar. But then due to the very high price tag, I gave up.. untill I walked into KIKO to find this absolute stunner for less that 3 €. I mean, you can't really go wrong, so I decided to pick up one, shade 310, that seemed pretty similar to Soar. Guys, i am absolutely in love: i wore it all over my lips à la Kylie, and it lasted all night without leaving my lips dry at all. I am in love.. an now I wanna catch 'em all!

Wow, that was a long one. Please let me know if you've tried any of these, and if you have any questions please pop them below!