Friday, May 8


I've got bad news and good news.
The Bad news is that Mac soar lip pencil is out of stock everywhere, moon included.
The good news is that you don't have to wait any longer to rock a Kylie Jenner pout: and for a third of the price..

A week or so ago, I was perusing the shelves of Kiko in desperate need for some new lip products, when I stumbled across these  Precision Lip Pencils. If you red my latest post, you probably already know that I am totally in love with these.. so in love that they actually deserved their own special mention.  These beauties tick all the boxes: Packaging, check. The mat black is so sleek and professional ( and I have to say very MAC looking.. ). Color range, hell yes. The shades are all so pretty and very on trend at the moment. A lot of 90's browns and pinks indeed. Finish, check. It's super matte and very rich formula that allows you to create a 'your lips but better and fuller effect' without being to noticeable. Lasting power, AH MAZING. They last all day, and they don't smudge if you drink or sweat. Maybe a little if you eat, but we can cope with that. Price? you won't believe how cheap they were. Normally around the 5 euros mark ( £ 4,20 ) but they often go on offer, so I got them half priced. Here are two selfies ( in true KJ style peeps ) of me wearing them.

What do you think about the 90's lip trend? Will you try these pencils?