Sunday, May 31


Yes, I've disappeared again.
Yes, it's exam season here in Italy and things are getting puurdy intense..
Yes, I do owe you a catch up.

I am clearly liking these instagram collages for when I write update posts.. and that's because when I am super busy like now, Instagram is the only social media platform that I never fail to update. Yay for low quality pictures! So if you want to keep updated and you don't follow me already, it's @margheritafresilli -such creativity-  If you come from there, Hi and thank you! *wavy hand emoji* Anyways.. I decided to classify this post as a catch up rather than as an update, because really, it's not like I have to tell you a million things or make a sudden announcement,. Life is going pretty well, but nothing major has changed during these three weeks. This random post is just to say: 'Hi, no i'm not dead, I'ts just exam season!'.
I'll try to stop rambling and keep this post short and sweet. I guess I'll see you very soon (or as soon as I finally break free from university ) with an -hopefully- much more interesting post.

Untill then, enjoy this small photo diary!

From Left to right:

Finally found my favorite veggie crisps in Eataly //  the interiors of one of my favorite places to eat in Rome, Via giulia. it's called Escosazio // A beautiful white mannequin holding one of Louis Vuitton's newest bags //  Went out for drinks with my friend Mirko, and found some Arctic Monkeys lyrics on the wall // Louis Vuitton Exposition SERIES2 @Palazzo Ruspoli, Roma // my favorite spring outfit // a very small ice cream // The sandwitch I ate in Escosazio // an overdue study break with one of my friends in university last week // good vibes // the morning I found out that maybe I'll wear some Balmain eventually // My current celebrity Crush, Nico Mirallegro ( My mad fat diary) // A sunny (university) day in Rome // Fireworks in my small village, earlier tonight // me waiting for my train - that was obviously late // My favorite quote at the moment.