Saturday, June 13


Aka the easiest -yet super cute- summer make up look that will make you look like a hundred dollars when you got no time at all and all you wanna do is stick your face into a bucket of ice.

And the best thing is that it actually looks like you put a lot of effort on it. 
So, here's the scene: it's super hot, you just got out of the shower but your face looks even swettier then before you washed it. The simple tought of covering it with make up makes you wanna cry because you know, that after five minutes Mr Sweat will turn your beautiful masterpiece into a Joker cosplay. But Sigh no more my dear, these three magic products will allow you to create a brown/bronzy smokey eyes in twenty seconds or less, that will stay put no matter what and will look like you used more than just one color. So the key here is long lasting, do-it-all little ones. 
My first pick would be a cream eyeshadow stick because we all know they are fab for when you are in a rush: The Rimmel Scandaleyes in 003 Bad Girl Bronze is my all time favorite drugstore option. Why? It's a brown eyeshadow with a hint of sparkle and a hint of red-ish undertone that will make green and brown eyes pop even more. The formula is so creamy and its application doesn't necessarily need to feature a brush: once blended it looks like two eyeshadows blended toghether, and once it sets, it last all day.
My second option is actually a #perfectcombo and it comes from the Isles of MAC cosmetics. Mac Paintpot in Groundwork as a base ( to provide a sticky canvas to the powder eyeshadow and to make it last all day ) paired with Tempting eyeshadow create the most amazing, shimmery, golden-bronzy summer eye look. 

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any other recomendations? Pop them below!