Sunday, July 19


So I may or may not have found the best nail polish formula ever..
And it may or may not involve a ridiculously low price tag and a stunning color range.
Today on the blog we're talking nails. (And yes I am totally going to pretend I didn't disappear for almost a month but you know me, quality over quantity and also hudge commitment issues and quarter life crisis.. now try and blame me. ) So quite a while ago actually, I popped into a KIKO store for the usual browsing à la ' I don't actually need anything but I'm gonna find something to buy anyways ' and I stumbled across these beauties. I remembered that I had heard very good things about these nail laquers by some people I really trust, aka the Pixiwoo sisters ( if you've been living under a rock please do yourself a favor and check them out because MAKE UP QUEENS ) so I decided to pick up two shades: I went for the KIKO Power Pro Nail Laquers in numbers 06, (which i have been sporting on my nails for the past month) a very pastel-ish, milky coral and number 15 a deep brownish burgundy red,  That's been on my tootsies ever since I picked it up. You probably can already tell how i feel about these: the excitement is real. For a start, packaging is hella nice: they have the whole chanel-ish double lid thing going on and I really like it. The bottles are hudge and feel very sturdy and good quality. The actual nail polish is super opaque and glossy ( i don't use any topcoat with these!) and it does look like gel manicure, even after just two layers. It dries super quickly even if the formula is pretty thick, and it lasts absolutely ages without chipping at all.  
All this can be yours for less then £4. Who needs gel manicure?

KIKO Power Pro Nail Laquer : buy here